A Very Determined Toddler Drove Himself To The County Fair On A Toy Tractor

If you had any doubts about the sheer will of kids, you might want to check out this story about a toddler who drove himself to the county fair on a toy tractor. Not only did the tyke leave without giving his parents a heads up, but he parked his tractor right next to his favorite ride. Spoiler alert: His license has been revoked.

According to a Facebook post from the Chisago Sheriff's Department in Minnesota, it received a call about the missing toddler from two understandably frantic parents. As it turns out, the 2-year-old his drove his battery-powered John Deere toy tractor from his house all the way to the fair without his parents knowledge. And, understandably, his folks took measures to make sure it never happens again by removing the car's batteries, subsequently revoking his license in the process.

"First call of the night at the county fair was a missing 2 year old who drove his tractor from home, to the fair," the post read. "He was reunited with Dad who promptly suspended his son's license by removing the battery from it."

It continued: "We are only one call away if you need us!"

Sgt. Jason Foster told CNN that the trip was about one block from the child's house to the fair, and that they found the tot safe and sound, right next to the Tilt-a-Whirl which happens to be his favorite ride.

It's easy to see why a county fair would be such a huge draw for any kid — bright lights, endless sweets, games, ponies and more. And, apparently the run-a-way toddler had watched the rides going up the week prior and couldn't wait any longer to join in on the fun, according to USA Today.

Of course, Sgt. Foster's post about the incident inspired a few commenting gems.

One Facebook user chimed in, "This kid is brilliant. His ability at that age to make connections necessary to conceive of an idea and then actually be able to create a plan and put it into motion, and remain determined the entire time without asking for help? My gosh. He can be and do anything in the world he chooses."

And, interestingly enough, he's not the first kid to ever take a toy tractor to the fair! Two other commenters said they remember similar instances, with one even involving the mayor.

"Legitimately was this kid in 1984. I just ended up at my cousin's elementary school and checked every window until I found him," recalled one poster. "One of my earliest memories. Toy tractor too, but human powered."

The other said, "My brother did the same thing at about the same age. Our mother was MORTIFIED when the Mayor brought him back...He was also on a green and yellow toy tractor, but his was pedal-powered. He went about the same distance, and thankfully the mayor just happened to see him pedaling his toy tractor down the sidewalk that day."

And best of all, someone suggested a commercial opportunity. "I smell a commercial deal from John Deere," said one person. Seriously, it would make for the cutest ad ever.

The moral of this story? Kids will be kids. And kids with toy tractors will be kids who take to the road for more summer fun, at least for this toddler. Talk about determination, even if it was pint-sized.