OMG There’s A Unicorn Egg Decorating Kit & You Need To Grab It Before It Sells Out

We're fully ready to admit that unicorn anything is purely novelty, but you know what? That's OK. Unicorn cupcakes, unicorn Fingerlings, that crazy unicorn frappuccino from Starbucks that's only real claim to fame is the sheer amount of food coloring involved? Yes, they're novelties, but they're also just plain fun. You know what else is awesome? This unicorn egg dying kit that will turn your Easter eggs into the most magical mythical creatures.

The Etsy shop Meadowlark & Bluebird is selling unicorn egg dying kits just in time for Easter Sunday and they're pretty darn adorable. Each kit comes with enough supplies to make three unicorn eggs, each decked out with a gold unicorn horn, eyelashes, and even tiny flowers to give them mini flower crowns, because every unicorn needs a flower crown, obviously.

While the shop previously sold papier-mâché eggs to decorate as part of the kit, they have been so popular that they have sold out. However, that doesn't mean you're out of luck! You can still order the kit and simply use your own eggs — hard-boiled, plastic, or papier-mâché — and turn them into most adorable little Easter unicorns. You'll want to order quickly, though: the last day to order for guaranteed pre-Easter arrival is March 21. That's right, don't delay grabbing your credit card any longer because there's no guarantee that these unicorn horns will even last until then!

At $10.95 for a kit, you really can't go wrong. The novelty factor alone is worth at least ten bucks, and imagine how thrilled little ones will be finding these special eggs during the Easter egg hunt!

If unicorn Easter eggs aren't your thing (although we don't really know how they wouldn't be), we have a few other cute kits that might be up your alley. Long gone are the days when the most exciting kit at the grocery store was the one with microscopic glitter. Now there's a range of options.

If you're interested in natural dyes for your Easter eggs this year but don't feel like stocking up on turmeric or cabbage just to dye a few eggs, Target has you covered with the Eco-Kids® Eco-Eggs Coloring and Grass Growing Kit. You can dye your eggs with natural coloring and then grow real grass for your eggs to sit in for just $10.

Eco-Kids® Eco-Eggs Coloring and Grass Growing Kit, $10, Target

Of course if the process of actually dying eggs gives you anxiety, for just $2, your kids can go straight to the embellishing stage by adding little foam decorations to their Easter eggs, including googly eyes — who doesn't love googly eyes? The kit from Party City comes with chicken feet, bird wings, bunny ears, and a bowtie, which you can stick onto real dyed eggs or even plastic eggs. Talk about a mess-free Easter decorating kit!

For those of you who want your Easter eggs to be as precise as possible, how about a set of egg lathes? No, I didn't know that was a thing either, but it is and now I definitely need one. No more fingers dyed different colors or perfect designs smudged! A set of three egg lathes for pristine stripes will only set you back $8, and you'll be able to reuse them for many years to come.

Egg Lathes, $8, Hearth Song

As a parent now, I do not know how my parents decided glitter Easter eggs were a good idea, but if you're into the nostalgia factor (and don't care about the fact that your house will likely be covered with glitter until the Fourth of July) you can get glitter Easter egg kits for your own kids, too. This Easter egg decorating kit from Amazon for $7 includes sequins which adds an extra level of sparkle to the Easter egg designing experience.

Sparkling Glitter Easter Egg Decorating Kit, $7, Amazon

Of course, nothing really tops the unicorn Easter egg kit when it comes to being whimsical this holiday, so place your order, pronto!

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