Adam Busby's Sweetest Dad Moments Prove That You Can Never Really Be "OutDaughtered"

Those who haven't tuned into TLC's OutDaughtered before might have pity for a father with six daughters and zero sons — because of all the "drama" and "girly things" he's forced to deal with on a regular basis. *Eye roll* Gender stereotypes aside, it's probably safe to say that life with 3-year-old quintuplets and a 7-year-old can be incredibly difficult at times. (I have no doubt that both Adam and Danielle go to bed utterly exhausted on most nights.) However, Adam Busby's sweetest dad moments prove that you can never really be "outdaughtered."

In a TLC blog post about what being the father of six daughters has taught him, Adam offered advice to dads-to-be who might be nervous about parenting little girls. "My advice to other dads would be to not go into fatherhood with any preconceived notion about what this new life will be like. Having 6 girls, I have learned that each of them is different and each one has their own individual needs and wants in what their daddy should be to them," he wrote. "Don't be scared to get in there and do the wrong thing. The second you hold that little one in your arms, your entire world will change at the first time you lock eyes." He continued:

All of you future dads that have those same preconceived thoughts that your life won't be as fun without a little boy, please have an open mind and give it a chance. There is nothing better than the bond that a daddy has with his little princess and I feel like I am the luckiest dad around for being able to experience that x6!

With this touching advice in mind, here are some of Adam's sweetest dad moments so far.

The Quints' Reaction When He Blew Out His Birthday Candles

In June 2016 — when the quints, Ava, Olivia, Hazel, Riley, and Parker were 1 — Adam gathered his six daughters around a table and Danielle sang "Happy Birthday" to him. Naturally, the birthday guy/dad blew out the candles on his cookie cake when the song was finished. Right after doing so, however, two of the quints proceeded to burst into tears. And the look on Adam's face? Priceless. It's no wonder this video has attracted more than 13 million views.

His Tribute To The Quints On World Prematurity Day

In November 2015, Adam shared a special post via Instagram in honor or World Prematurity Day. (The quints were actually born in April of that year.) "I can’t believe how far our 5 little miracle princesses have come in just a few months. They were all born just barely over 2 lbs at 28 weeks and 2 days," the father of six wrote, alongside photos of each of the girls in the NICU. "I am amazed each day at God’s grace on our family for bringing these babies though nearly impossible odds. The NICU is a tough place to visit each day hoping and praying for your little one to pull though. Our God was our strength through this whole process and we lean on him each day still."

Basically Everything About This Promo Video

This promo video for the series pretty much sums up the rollercoaster of emotions that comes with having quintuplets. "I'm looking at them, and they're, like. tiny ..." Adam tearfully says, of his reaction to how small his premature quintuplets were at birth.

A few moments later, Adam can be seen admitting a startling realization to the camera, with a laugh, "I have a half-dozen girls now."

And then later on, Adam is holding and talking to one of the quints while the baby is staring wide-eyed off screen (presumably at the lights and camera crew.) LOL.

Basically, you could just feel how much of a rockstar dad he is before OutDaughtered even started.

When He Learned To Hula Dance With His Family

As In Touch Weekly reported, the Busbys got a lesson in hula dancing during their recent trip to Hawaii — and even Adam got in on the action. "My hips aren't made to move like that, really," he said, while donning a skirt and attempting to repeat the moves alongside his family. But hey, at least he was there and trying.

Anytime He Talks About The Girls & Their Personalities

In a TLC update about the quints as they turned 3 years old, Adam and Danielle described their five youngest daughters' budding personalities. "They all have their own little personalities, and they're on every end of the spectrum," Adam said. (If you're wondering, 7-year-old Blayke is the "mommy-teacher," Ava is smiley, Olivia is goofy, Hazel is sweet, Riley is a trouble maker, and Parker is shy.) "You just can't contain them anymore," he added of the quints. "They can get through any door and pretty much any child lock now, just about. It's just crazy."

And there you have it! Honestly though, this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Adam Busby's sweetest dad moments. Don't believe me? Head on over to his Instagram and see for yourself. But before you do, be prepared for some serious sweetness overload.