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Adam Lambert In 'Rocky Horror Picture Show' On FOX Has Twitter Freaking Out

Adam Lambert's appearance as Eddie in FOX's remake of The Rocky Horror Picture show was hotly anticipated by his fans – and it doesn't look like they were disappointed. Though initially offered the lead role of Dr. Frank-N-Furter, neither Lambert nor producers thought he was really the best choice for the role. Instead he was interested in playing Eddie, the role originated in the 1975 movie by Meatloaf. It's a fun role that requires real style and vocal power, and Adam Lambert in Rocky Horror Picture Show on FOX had Twitter freaking out.

Eddie is a small role in the musical and though he only appears for one song, it's a memorable one. He's a former delivery boy with rock'n'roll style who meets a sticky end after getting involved with the psychotic (and psychotically delightful) Frank-N-Furter. He ends up providing the brain for Frank's newest creation, muscular boytoy Rocky, but breaks out of the deep freeze in time to delight everyone with "Hot Patootie" – before being promptly slaughtered with an ice pick by Frank. Lambert's death in FOX's remake is a good deal less violent, but he was dispatched with just as quickly, leaving behind his grieving girlfriend Columbia.

Though Lambert normally rocks an ultra glam aesthetic, as Eddie his look is a little bit more mussed and dirty to suit the character. Eddie is an archetypical juvenile delinquent, all studded leather and tattoos. Though it's a slight departure from Lambert's usual look, apparently it more than worked for his fans, who were all over Twitter praising Lambert's vocals and declaring him perfect for the part.

There's no doubt that Lambert fans will be satisfied by his turn in FOX's Rocky Horror, as brief as it is. He handles himself well in his short amount of screen time, turning on all his rock star charm as he blazes through the set on Eddie's motorcycle. When he shows back up during the dinner scene, he elicited screams onscreen and possibly offscreen, too.

Eddie might not be the biggest role in the show, but he's an important one nevertheless: he gives Rocky life (in a roundabout kind of way) and he gives Columbia the onus to stand up for herself after years of letting Frank walk all over her. If Twitter is anything to go off of, then Lambert was certainly giving his fans life – and probably earning himself more than a few devotees a la Columbia.