Adele Pretended To Be An Adele Impersonator For A Graham Norton Sketch, & The Result Is Hilarious — VIDEO

by Kate Ward

As anyone who was anxiously anticipating the release of Adele's 25 in the four years since the singer released 21 knows, Adele is not one to make many public appearances. Which is exactly why Adele's 25 press tour has been all the more sweet for those of us still listening to "Hello" on repeat. Because not only have we been able to enjoy such things as interviews with the singer and the anticipation of an upcoming Saturday Night Live appearance this Saturday, but one rare glimpse of the singer has us witnessing first-hand her sense of humor. Namely, Adele's Graham Norton sketch for her BBC special in which she played... an Adele impersonator.

It's a fantastically charming bit — Adele, donning a teased-up hairdo and a fake nose, prepares to sing backstage along with other Adele impersonators, who attempt to calm her "nerves" before she hits the stage. But the jig is up as soon as Adele takes the stage, and begins to belt into her cover of Bob Dylan's "To Make You Feel My Love." And the impersonators' faces not only reflected their stunned realization of "Jenny"s real identity, but also mimicked the looks on our own mugs the first time we all heard Adele's insanely beautiful voice:

Oh yeah, you remember:

Watch the entire sketch below, and hope that Adele shows off some of these comedic chops on Saturday Night Live this weekend.

Image: BBC