Adele's Grammys Dress Is As Flawless As Her Eyeliner, & We Are So Not Worthy

I don't know what this says about my priorities, but seeing what Adele wore to the Grammys is arguably the biggest reason I even bother to watch the broadcast at all. Sure, I obviously go into the night feeling pretty psyched about finding out who will win Grammys, and I truly to want to watch the Grammy performances (a lineup which includes Adele this year; blessed), but I love and accept myself enough to admit to all of you here today that I shamelessly care a hell of a lot more about the outfits on the Grammys red carpet than I do about any other part of the evening. (Well, maybe except for the after parties but only because people usually change into new outfits for those.)

And when it comes to the Grammys red carpet, Adele plays a very special, irreplaceable role: She is the barometer of flawlessness. There will undoubtedly be a great many other celebs who are bringing their own ~thing~ to the red carpet at any given event — someone might wear a meat dress, or a swan dress, or barely any dress at all — but enjoying the sartorial highs and lows of the night is only possible because of the presence of a reliable fashion constant: Adele. No matter what kind of surprising excellence or disastrous missteps might be occurring elsewhere on the red carpet, we can always depend on the fact that Adele will not only be immaculate in her styling and attire, but will bring with it her signature combination of brashness and poise that seems so effortless coming from her, and yet wholly unattainable to the rest of us. Adele is almost uncomfortably talented at most things she does, and one of them is definitely being a steadying, reliable source of white-hot killin' it on a red carpet.

Tonight's Grammys look was — get ready to be blissfully not shocked — no exception.


Like, what even is Adele? How does she just slip in and out of the spotlight, taking long breaks from awards shows (which you'd think would get her off her red carpet game, but you would be wrong as sh*t), then popping up all like, "Hi, I'm Adele, here's my incredible dress that makes grown men weep, and here's my hair that breaks hearts, and here's my eyeliner that can slice through steel, and here's my voice that brokers world peace in the space of a 4-minute song. No big deal, just here on the red carpet like I woke up like this."


I don't usually say things like "we're not worthy" when it comes to even the most blindingly awesome and talented famous people because — you know what? — we are worthy. Our fandom is their payday so, like, yeah, they're amazing and we are worthy of that amazingness. But in Adele's case, it's like, "Actually no, she's giving us more than we're giving her and we are disgusting human beings who order too much takeout and change our sheets too infrequently and drunk text our exes and we definitely do not deserve everything that Adele brings to our lives."

Anyway, Adele looks great tonight and that's how I feel about it.