Little Pickle Crafting's Baby Books For Same-Sex Parents Are Too Cute

by Lindsay E. Mack

Filling out a baby book is a super sweet way for parents to commemorate those beautiful but hectic first weeks home with the baby, and now everyone can have a baby book that's tailored to their own family. Little Pickle Crafting's baby books for same-sex parents are inclusive, well-designed, and completely adorable. They would make a perfectly thoughtful gift for any expecting parents.

The entire company was born out of what's likely a common dilemma for many families, as explained on their Etsy page. When Emma and her wife were expecting their first baby, they had a difficult time finding a baby record book that suited their family setup with two moms. In order to meet this need, they created their own book. When the requests from friends flowed in for similar copies, Emma realized many other families don't have memory books that fit their lives. Soon after they launched Little Pickle Crafting, expanding the catalog to include single-parent baby record book and pregnancy journals, adoption journals, and greeting cards for all types of families around the world. So whether you need a Mother's Day card for two moms, a baby record book for same sex families, or an adoptive record book for single parents, this fantastic shop serves all types of families. For an inclusive, modern take on those classic parenting keepsakes, let this list be your guide.