Adorable Grandparents-To-Be Find Out About Pregnancy By Playing "The Whisper Game" – VIDEO

In a world that sometimes feels like it’s falling apart, these days I am so thankful for moments captured that can truly make me smile. We need to be reminded of the beautiful things; that life is something to be celebrated; that our parents are here for the pranking. So when I saw this video of a unique way to announce a pregnancy to the future grandparents, I thought it was perfect.

Alexa Goolsby and her husband are obviously fans of Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show game, "The Whisper Challenge." In it, the person playing has to don noise-canceling headphones and attempt to lip read what the other player is whispering to them. Lip reading isn’t exactly the easiest job, especially if you don’t do it all the time, so hilarity often ensues. The a-ha moment — when the player figures out the phrase being whispered — is always fun to watch.

Imagine how much fun it is when the phrase being whispered is “you’re going to be a grandfather?” The look of comprehension, and then ecstatic joy that comes over this future granddad’s face is perfect and heartwarming, and reminds me of the photo I took right after we told my parents that we they were going to be grandparents. I’m pretty sure there’s no one more excited than grandparents to find out when there’s a new baby coming.

As you can imagine, it takes Woolsby’s mom literally no time at all to guess that she’s pregnant. Meanwhile, her poor dad is asking if he’s hyper. Bless his heart.

Grandma is clearly enjoying being part of the process, as she watches him try to figure out what the hell his kids are trying to tell him. “You are mean! You are lovely! You are…” Hmmm, nope, not quite.

First he thinks he’s going to the beach. Then he finally understands the word, “grandfather,” and puts it together with the rest of the sentence.

And then that a-ha moment is plastered all over his face, and it is the best. If this moment doesn’t make you smile, I feel so bad for your black, black heart.

Check out the whole thing:

Images: Alexa Goolsby/YouTube(5)