Adria & Simone Biles' Cutest YouTube Videos Show The World We Need More Of Them

Listen, I know that Simone Biles is busy winning, like, all the Olympic medals, but real talk: she needs to get her butt home now, because she and her sister have more pressing matters to attend to. I realize gymnastics is important to them, but Adria and Simone Biles's YouTube videos are #SisterGoals, are there aren't nearly enough of them. Maybe now that Simone has medalled in every single women's gymnastics event, her coach will cut her some slack and let her get back to that viral content side hustle?

Currently, Simone has just five videos on her YouTube channel, and she hasn't posted anything in over a year. Her first video is a sped-up "day in the life," and those who aren't hardcore gymnastics fans will be shocked to see what goes into her training (pretty sure it's harder than boot camp). Adria, on the other hand, is more of a budding YouTube star, "forcing" her older sister to perform challenges with her – that's Simone's word; not mine. Despite her initial reluctance, it's clear that the two have a blast together, and they're so compelling, they're probably the only family I'd actually watch on a reality show. For now, this handful of videos will have to suffice, but Biles sisters, if you're listening, we want more!

Try Not To Laugh Challenge

In Adria's first video, the sisters take turns trying to make one another do a spit-take by screaming, dancing, and making goofy faces at each other. Keep an eye out for their gaggle of German shepherds, who become increasingly confused at their humans' antics.

Day 3 Belize

Last year, Simone and Adria attended their brother's wedding in Belize (their mom, Nellie, is from Belize, which makes her kids dual citizens). Knowing how hard Simone works every day to stay on top of her game, it's nice to see her cut loose and relax with her family... Though she can't stop herself from performing a few flips on the beach.


On the Biles' last day in Belize, they toured Mayan ruins and hung out with a monkey.

Sister Tag

In honor of National Sister Day, Simone and Adria take turns answering Newlywed Game-style questions about each other. The pair perfectly encapsulate sisterhood as they call each other annoying, stupid, and ugly while grinning and laughing.

Bean Boozled Challenge

Adria has come home with two boxes of Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans and challenges her sister to eat them at random, without checking the flavor in advance (for those weirdos who aren't Harry Potter fans, the jelly beans come in normal flavors, such as bubblegum and green apple, but also things like rotten eggs and earthworm). I can say without hyperbole that this is one of the 10 best things I've ever watched in my life. If this was a series, I would binge it. If it was a channel, I would turn it on and then throw away my remote. The Biles sisters go from giggly to horrified to utterly defeated in about 13 minutes. They scream, they cry, they literally run away, and they almost vomit many, many times. I have participated in this game myself, and can confirm that every reaction is 100 percent real. Never change, Biles sisters. And hurry up and make more videos!