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'AHS: Cult' Theories That Will Make You Question Everything You Thought You Knew

Another season of American Horror Story, another slew of theories that fans conjure up to make sense of it all. Theories and AHS have gone hand-in-hand since the beginning, back when no one knew what the heck was going on in Murder House. Now, it's seven seasons later and viewers still don't know what's in Ryan Murphy's head — but that doesn't mean they're not trying to figure it out. Seeing as AHS is so popular on the conspiracy theory-laden terrain that is the internet, it's no surprise that fans devote their time to being one step ahead. There are several possible AHS: Cult theories that viewers can get behind.

With two episodes down, there's plenty of material to work with already this season. The show opened on election night — which is all-too-scary for some viewers, including myself — and swiftly introduced married couple Ally and Ivy. Both were devastated about the outcome. Seemingly devastated, too, was Winter, a woman who dropped out of Vassar to help with Hillary Clinton's campaign. Winter's brother (or relative? I'm getting ahead of myself) Kai, however, was delighted with the results. Since Nov. 8, some strange events have been occurring in the small Michigan town. Here are some AHS: Cult theories that are out there — but also totally possible.

Kai Is Oz's Biological Father

Oz is Ally and Ivy's child. The topic of his biological parents came up in the premiere, when Winter (his new nanny) asked him about his "real" parents. Oz had no idea, but Winter may know more than she's letting on. Why would she ask if it wasn't an important subject? TVGuide argued that Oz shares a resemblance with young Evan Peters. Furthermore, Kai seems to be a little obsessed with Ally; maybe it's because they share a child? Does Kai want to connect with his son? After giving it some thought, it doesn't seem too far-fetched.

Ivy Is Hiding Something

It's clear that the election has affected Ally in a much more extreme way than Ivy. Her phobias have come full force, and it's debilitated her so much that she can barely work at Butchery on Main, the restaurant she co-owns with Ivy. Ivy is being pretty understanding through this... but does she have an ulterior motive? One theory is that Ivy is part of Kai's cult, and has been from the beginning. This could make sense of why they chose Winter, of all people, to nanny Oz. It could also explain why Ivy is never around when Ally is undergoing trauma, or why Ivy insists that it's all in her head.

Ally's Psychiatrist Is In On It, Too

Is everyone in Ally's life out to get her? Maybe. This is a less fleshed-out theory, but Collider brought up the idea that Ally's psychiatrist is part of the cult, too. Why would he not contact her when she's missing appointments? Why else would he bring the coral that triggers her trypophobia towards her? Either he's part of the titular cult, or he's just a really, really bad doctor.

Winter Is The Real Villain, Not Kai

Kai and Winter are definitely connected to one another; whether they're real siblings or just part of the cult "family" is yet to be seen. Viewers are made to think that Kai is the cult leader and that Winter is a follower — but what if the opposite is actually true? Users on Reddit realized the similarities between Cult and the Hans Christian Anderson story, The Snow Queen. In the story, a boy named Kai meets the evil Snow Queen, who numbs him and erases memories of his friend, Gerta. OK, this one seems pretty legit: The characters in AHS: Cult are named Kai Anderson (subtle, Ryan Murphy) and Winter (Snow Queen, anyone?). Perhaps Winter actually has control over Kai. The prevailing thought is flipped, but I'm starting to think Winter is the actual mastermind behind the cult. Fans will just have to wait and see how it all plays out.

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