'Married At First Sight' Fans Might Share AJ's Opinion Of Luke

None of the couples on Married at First Sight are going through this journey alone. Not only do they have their partners to confide in, they can talk their issues out with the other participants when they need to. But sometimes those chats get real. When the Season 8 husbands meet up in this exclusive clip, AJ says he would Divorce Luke on MAFS. And, well, I kind of agree.

Keith and AJ are the first two to arrive at the Irish pub where the get-together will be taking place. While they say their hellos, AJ makes the show's 456th "happy life, happy wife" joke, and I hope the phrase wasn't included in any fan's MAFS at-home drinking game. That's how alcohol poisoning happens.

Will and Luke arrive shortly after. In an interview segment, AJ is eager to catch up with his fellow cast members now that they've all returned home from their honeymoons with their respective spouses. Reality is setting in for everyone. But AJ also seems to want the gossip; specifically, he'd like to know which other couples "crossed the sex bridge." If AJ tuned in to MAFS every Tuesday night on Lifetime, I'm sure he'd get the answers he's looking for.

The guys catch up and update each other on any major developments. Will reveals that he cooked breakfast for Jasmine, which earns a laugh from Keith; AJ says that Stephanie is better at breakfast than him, so she tackles that meal while he takes on dinner. It's all laughs until AJ brings up the sessions everyone had with Pastor Cal Roberson. Then silence reigns.

No one says their meeting with Pastor Cal was bad, exactly, but the awkwardness is clear. Luke finally says that it wasn't the easiest, continuing in a confessional, "I know we've had a rocky start and a lot of it's my fault." In case you missed Luke and Kate's Kissgate issue, the clip inserts a helpful flashback. After kissing Kate for the first time, Luke told her it "repulsed" him and made him feel "dead inside." Pastor Cal took him to task for his unnecessarily cruel words, telling him in no uncertain terms to turn his behavior around and start respecting Kate. If Luke couldn't get it together, he would have to leave.

Back at the bar, Luke downplays it by explaining that he said some "stupid stuff," but Pastor Cal helped him and Kate get through it. AJ doesn't say anything in the moment, but he shares his opinion on the situation in a confessional. He also thinks Luke was disrespectful to Kate. "It was a slap in the face to Kate," AJ says. "If that was me, I would say, 'No, I want a divorce,' and get out of it."

Obviously Kate is a grown woman who can make her own decisions about her personal life; whatever she decides to do is her choice. But it's hard not to agree with AJ. Luke could have found a gentle way to broach his discomfort, but instead he said something incredibly hurtful to Kate. He made her feel awful for something that wasn't her fault. She couldn't control whether or not he was attracted to her, but Luke could control his own behavior. He didn't have to say what he said.

If it were me, I'd be taking AJ's advice. But fans will have to keep watching to see what conclusion Kate comes to.