Aldi launched an alcohol delivery service on Nov. 13.

Aldi Is Gifting Customers With Free Alcohol Delivery For The Holidays

by Gillian Walters

Just in time for the holidays, Aldi launched an alcohol delivery service on Nov. 13. This means you don't have to run out the store if you have a wine emergency (you know what I'm talking about) or are in a lazy mood. The best part? First-time customers get their delivery fee waived.

Aldi's, a grocery store chain located across the United States, announced earlier this month its partnership with Instacart to provide customers with an alcohol delivery service.

“The busy holiday season is fast approaching, making convenience more important than ever, and adding alcohol delivery to our online offerings is one more way ALDI saves you time,” Scott Patton, Vice President of Corporate Buying, ALDI U.S., said in a statement.

Patton continued, “Our award-winning wines range from less than $5 for 90-point rated Evanta Malbec to $12 for premium offerings, such as 92-point rated Peaks & Tides Cabernet Sauvignon. You can have a bottle delivered to your doorstep in as fast as an hour.”

Getting one of your favorite Aldi drinks in an hour when you're crunched for time is truly a gift. And speaking of presents, customers can enjoy free delivery until Dec. 31 on any minimum order of $35. All you have to is download the Instacart app and type in code ALDIHOLIDAY19 at checkout.

The only catch? Aldi might not be located in your area, a sad state of affairs for anyone who has tasted its Winking Owl Moscato. To find out if there's a store near you, visit Aldi's website or search for your zip code in the Instacart app. Once you have located a store in the area and have submitted your order, have your license or another form of trusted identification proving you're 21 or older nearby.

I know there are a lot of Aldi fans out there, so I'm happy to see the company is taking the next step in delivery (it first launched food delivery via Instacart in 2017) by offering alcohol to the list. Happy ordering!