These Chocolate *Filled* Waffles From Aldi Are All I Want To Eat Forever & Ever

Feeding a family is an expensive endeavor, but for the fiscally savvy, Aldi is always a great source of reliably excellent products that won't break the bank. Known for its bare bones decor and "do it yourself" bag packing, it is a cult favorite among millennial shoppers. Recently, Aldi has made big waves with its fancy food and beverage options. This summer, Aldi's Specially Selected is kicking their breakfast game into high gear with their new additions because, Aldi has new chocolate filled waffles to go along with their award-winning wines and fantastic prices.

Aldi shoppers rely on the store's consistently good prices and innovative products when they return week after week. In the past few years, Aldi stores have been expanding to include even more high-end offerings at affordable prices. This addition of stuffed Belgian waffles is a welcome new breakfast dish from a selection that already included foods like specialty granolas, seasonal baking mixes, free-range eggs, and raw honey, all at price points that are attainable for most shoppers.

With the rise in popularity of the stroopwafel and other European breakfast items in the states, it's no surprise that the German company would seek to bring these fun foods here, knowing that they would likely become incredibly popular. The two flavors they introduced — chocolate and cherry — are classic waffle toppings made all the more interesting when stuffed inside the pastry. Bonus: they come frozen, four to a box, and are less than $4, according to Delish.


I can picture an entire Aldi brunch right now. I would start with a selection of their fantastic mimosas and sparkling wines, as well as their delicious fair trade certified coffees. I would make a cheese and fruit platter with the seasonal fruits and veggies that are always abundant at Aldi, with cheeses from the Specially Selected line, as well as whatever other new goodies they had to offer that week. Then I would move on to the main event: a huge, overstuffed omelet, chock full of more veggies, and topped with some of Aldi's awesome spicy salsas, and a dollop of sour cream. I'd pair it with fresh, humanely-raised bacon and sausage, and thin slices of savory smoked salmon. At the end of the meal, I would bring out Aldi's new chocolate stuffed Belgian waffles and cherry stuffed Belgian waffles, with different toppings for each. I'm thinking whipped cream, ice cream, and maybe some of their natural nut butters to spread on top of the sweet treats.

The whole brunch would cost about $50, and I would have leftovers. That's the beauty of Aldi — when you go there, you know you aren't likely to blow your food budget by adding an extra package of hummus, or by trying a few types of new cheese and crackers. Heck, at my Aldi, you can even buy fresh flowers for your table and still come out on the right side of your receipt.

Sean Gallup/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Pro tip from a seasoned Aldi shopper: don't sleep on the middle aisles where all of the housewares and other fun stuff lives. More than once I have found something spectacular in those aisles. In fact, my favorite water bottle of all time, a glass bottle with silicone sheath and straw, is an Aldi find. It stays beside my bed at all times, and it was a whole $10. Seriously, you never know what you're going to find.

Also, the end caps are often where Aldi features their seasonal cookies and other foods like truffle mac and cheese, German Christmas gingerbread, and porcini mushroom and herb potato chips. I make it a point to try one of these delights each time I go into an Aldi. And tonight, as I wend my way through the aisles, picking up my kids' favorite tortilla chips and peanut butter stuffed pretzels, I will be sure to pick up Aldi's new chocolate stuffed Belgian waffles.