These Aldi's pumpkin spice and maple vanilla whipped creams come in 13-ounce cans.
Courtesy of Cat Bowen

Oh Hi, We *Have* To Talk About Aldi's Maple Vanilla & Pumpkin Spice Whipped Creams

Last weekend, I was minding my own business, filling my cart with all my faves at my beloved Aldi, and out of nowhere, my daughter runs up to me with two cans of autumnal magic. Suddenly, I knew I wasn't leaving without the Aldi pumpkin spice and maple vanilla whipped cream, and let me tell you readers, I do not regret it.

Customers can choose either pumpkin spice or maple vanilla seasonal flavors, and the 13-ounce cans are $2.89. I am happy to report that neither are too sweet, and both are perfect for the season. The pumpkin spice is boldly flavored with nutmeg, given the vaguely citrus notes that hit your palate when you enjoy the whipped cream. The maple vanilla tastes like a cool fall day. The scent of maple and vanilla together are enough to make a person swoon, but adding the creamy mouthfeel of the whipped cream, combined with the rich flavor, is almost too much goodness to be had in a single food product.

In my house, we've been experimenting with how these should best be enjoyed, trying them out on different beverages, pastries, and ice creams, and let me tell you, there is nary a misstep to be had — they are that good.

Courtesy of Cat Bowen

Full disclosure: my husband isn't a fan of the pumpkin spice whipped cream, but he's a peculiar sort of fellow who often doesn't like foods that I think he should. This includes circus peanuts, white chocolate, linguine with red clam sauce, and anything currant flavored. Such a curmudgeon — he's lucky I love him.

The rest of my family thinks this whipped cream is just aces. Our favorite combinations thus far are the pumpkin spice on a glass of eggnog, or the maple vanilla on top of butter pecan ice cream. I'll admit, when my daughter said she wanted the orange whipped cream on her nog, I thought it was a terrible idea. There would be too much nutmeg, and the competing flavors would be trash, I was sure.

Boy, was I wrong. The flavors complement each other in a way that I would have not predicted. I upped the ante. I added warmed nog to my coffee, a la Starbucks eggnog latte, and topped the warm brew with the pumpkin spice whipped cream. If I tell you I heard angels singing, would you believe me? Because it was a holy experience.

And the maple vanilla? While my kids love it on top of their butter pecan or maple walnut ice cream, Mama likes it on top of her butterbeer. The alcoholic kind. Think about it. It's already full of butterscotch schnapps and creamy vodka, adding a delectable maple vanilla whipped cream is gilding the hell out of the lily, and to be honest, I like my lillies gilded to the gods.

My husband, hater of all things good, and potential death eater (more on that another time) likes the maple vanilla whipped cream on top of his pancakes. To be fair, it is delicious, and I appreciate the basic nature of this application. However, it should be noted that I make the pancakes with huge chunks of spiced apples, and fry them in browned butter, so the pancakes themselves are anything but basic.

Go to Aldi (you were probably going anyway), head over to the seasonal cooler, and get several cans of this. Trust me, I know of what I speak. I bought these cans Friday night, and now on Monday, I am already running out. It's been a real pumpkin spice bonanza over here, and I'm ready to lean into it.