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Alec Baldwin Teaches 3-Year-Old Carmen How To Be Trump

by Korey Lane

If you have yet to see the one and only Alec Baldwin don a combed-over wig, orange-tinted bronzer, and a tie that's far too long, you haven't truly lived. Well, maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration, but seriously, Baldwin's impression of President Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live is what dreams are made of. And while the show's season might have just ended, the beauty of the internet is that those moments can live on forever. But just watching Baldwin himself act like Trump isn't all the internet has blessed us with. Now, Baldwin has taught his daughter, Carmen, his Trump impersonation, and the world is a better place because of it.

In an Instagram post uploaded yesterday to promote the SNL season finale, Baldwin's wife, Hilaria Thomas, shared a video of Baldwin and 3-year-old Carmen doing a Trump impersonation together, bigly-handed gestures and all. Of course, both the video of Baldwin and his daughter, and the actual SNL season finale they were promoting, are definitely worth watching.

In fact, the SNL season finale perfectly summed up the show's long-running jokes about the Trump White House, featuring Baldwin as Trump playing the piano, singing along to "Hallelujah," with his staff and family by his side. And while Baldwin's Trump ended the song with a scarily-true sentence, "I’m not giving up, because I didn’t do anything wrong," the show still ended on a high note. And Baldwin's video of little Carmen following in her dad's footsteps just makes it all that much better.

In the video, Carmen is next to her dad, while her mom, behind the camera, asks, "What day does daddy play Donald Trump?" And in true, adorable 3-year-old fashion, Carmen answers, "Saturday!" in what has got to be the cutest voice in the world.

Then, Baldwin appears to teach his daughter how to do his Trump impersonation just right. "And we go like this with our hands," Baldwin says in his signature Trump-esque voice. "And we say, 'Saturday, Saturday, Saturday, okay everybody, it's Saturday.'" Carmen, for her part, does a great job mimicking dad while he speaks as Trump, with her hands gesturing perfectly along with the wording. Then, Baldwin claps, laughs, and grabs little Carmen in a tight embrace, as any proud father would do.

Obviously, SNL's portrayal of Baldwin as Trump has provided a much-needed humorous break in the midst of political chaos. And Baldwin's daughter learning how to poke fun at the president herself is honestly just what the world needs right now. Well that, and maybe a Johnson-Hanks presidential bid for 2020.

Fingers crossed.