Courtesy Allbirds

Allbird's New Ballet Flats Are Machine Washable, & I'll Take A Dozen Pairs Please

The search for the perfect comfy flat might finally be over. One company is rolling out a new option that's as good for the planet as it is for your feet. Allbird's new ballet flats are cute, comfy, and environmentally friendly, too.

If you're not familiar with Allbirds, here's what's awesome about the brand: their shoes are made primarily made from natural, sustainable materials. Not only is that easier on the environment, but it also just makes for a great shoe. The latest offering is the Tree Breezers, a $95 ballet flat crafted from eucalyptus pulp, merino wool, and castor oil.

Tree Breezers are the type of shoe that can be dressed up or dressed down, and that's what Allbirds says its customer were asking for — a shoe that makes sense for the office or for just hanging out. The flats are currently available in four cute colors. Marino (a navy) and seashell (a grey) are both totally work appropriate, while starfish (a bright pink) and Carribean (an aqua blue) could be perfect for summer fun. More limited edition hues will be popping up throughout the year as well.

Tree Breezers have a unique mesh look thanks to the airy knit fabric on the upper part of the shoe. The super stretchy material molds to your foot to keep it from sliding around, while also being totally airy and breathable to keep your feet cool.

As a dedicated ballet flat fan who wears them year round, my biggest complaint about the many brands I've tried has always been the lack of cushioning and support. Spend a few too many hours walking around in most pairs and you'll eventually feel like your poor feet are landing directly on the pavement. Tree Breezers, however, have a padded wool insole and a bouncy outsole made from SweetFoam, a material derived from Brazilian sugarcane. The combo aims to give wearers maximum comfort while maintaining stylishness.

Being environmentally conscious and fashion forward is not something that can be said about many companies, but Allbirds seems like one you can feel good about buying (I'm honestly itching to try them out myself now). Their commitment to cutting their carbon footprint is legit. The company's goal is to go carbon neutral this year, which means for every ton of carbon they produce in their manufacturing process, they'll offset it by contributing to emissions reduction projects (like tree planting and wind energy farms). They're also constantly on the lookout for even better, cleaner materials and technologies.

Ordering shoes online can be hit or miss, but if you want to try out Tree Breezers, the company's generous return policy might make up your mind. If you don't fall in love with these flats, you can send them back within 30 days for a refund or an exchange — even if you've worn them. Allbirds warns that the flats do run a bit small, though, so they recommend sizing up when ordering. And if you do buy them and fall in love with them, they're machine-washable so you can keep them looking brand new for longer.