Always Radiant Just Launched 2 New Pad Sizes, And They're *So* Helpful For Postpartum Life


If I'm being honest, I had totally forgotten pads were even a thing until after I had my first son. There I suddenly was, smack in the middle of that vulnerable post-childbirth stage and in need of some serious protection — so where else was I to venture to than the ~feminine care~ aisle at Walmart? But once I was there, a funny thing happened: I found myself feeling like I was right back to being a newbie, gaping wide-eyed at rows of products and not sure of exactly what I needed.

Luckily, Always Radiant understands this postpartum struggle and has made it easier than ever for new moms to find their perfect fit. To help them do this, the brand recently introduced two new sizes to offer a wider range of coverage, and while I know it sounds weird to get so pumped about pads, these things definitely deserve it.

Courtesy of Walmart

For starters, Always Radiant now has this magical thing called My Fit sizing, which you can easily decode via a colorful grid on the packaging that guides you to the right size based on your panty size, flow level, and whether you're in search of day or nighttime coverage. This means that with just a quick glance at their chart while out on your regular Walmart run, you can find the perfect amount of protection for whatever time of day you need it, and that kind of ease during those vulnerable postpartum moments is of unparalleled importance. (Heck, anything that makes new mom life easier is A-OK in my book). Here's what the chart looks like:

Courtesy of Walmart

I'm also happy to report that pad technology has truly moved leaps and bounds since my adolescent first-period days when wearing a pad meant inevitable leaks and the constant feeling of wearing a diaper. The new-and-improved Always Radiant boasts FlexFoam technology, making them super cozy and nothing at all like those diapers you're constantly changing.

While reentering the world of pads may leave you preparing for the emotional turmoil of adjusting your undies and checking your pants for embarrassing accidents, you can rest easy knowing those days are in the past. These newly designed pads are hardly noticeable (I promise!), and can also absorb 10 times their weight, offering up to 100 percent leak protection.

Another little bonus is that the packaging on the new Always Radiant is just flat-out pretty, which is a big win when you may not be feeling like your absolute most confident self. If you're like me, you rolled your eyes when someone told you that you had that "pregnancy glow" before you delivered — never mind during the recovery phase. There's no question that all moms are beautiful, but that was the last thing I felt as my body was recovering after delivering a healthy baby boy.

I learned to appreciate beauty wherever it was found — including the packaging and design details that Always Radiant goes the extra mile to include. It may sound strange, but the detail of their new designs it helped me to more feel feminine, and in a way, to embrace my new role and this new chapter of my journey.

This post is sponsored by Always Radiant at Walmart.