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ATTN: Amazon Is Extending Free Holiday Shipping For ALL Customers

There are only eleven days left until Christmas, which means the holiday panic is officially settling in. If anyone hasn't already finished their holiday shopping, then it's about time they finish it. But it's not too late to get the shopping done (thank goodness). It's a relief that Amazon is extending free holiday shipping for all customers in light of Christmas being right around the corner — but this won't last for too long so get your shopping done ASAP.

It's alright if there is still a ton of holiday shopping that needs to be done — you aren't alone. Studies have shown that 76 percent of shoppers make purchases right up to Christmas, according to TIME. This happens for so many different reasons — some people are busy during the holiday season and don't have the time to shop early, some people forget about the holidays altogether, and others are just amazing (or just really bad) at procrastinating so they wait until the last minute to buy gifts.

No matter what excuses you have for not getting your shopping done during the first week of December, there's no shame in waiting — and Amazon isn't shaming customers for waiting to buy gifts, either. From now until Tuesday, Dec. 18, anyone who shops on Amazon can benefit from free deliveries for almost any item and they will be delivered in time for Christmas.

Yes, you read that right. In the next four days, you can get as many packages as necessary delivered to your doorstep. Heck yes.

You don't even have to be an Amazon Prime member to receive this deal, which is pretty incredible, according to Day One, the Amazon blog. Here's what you need to know — all Amazon customers in the United States can receive free shipping on millions of items labeled "Free Shipping" by next Tuesday that will arrive on your doorstep by Christmas. But it pays even more to be an Amazon Prime member.

Amazon Prime members have access to one-day shipping on items purchased and some can even get the items they ordered hours after they purchased them. This also means that Amazon Prime members also have the benefit of getting their items delivered days before Christmas. Although it's not 100 percent guaranteed that these items will make it to your doorstep in time for Christmas (since there are circumstances beyond your control), procrastinating has really never sounded better.

Shopping from your own home pays off. There really isn't a reason to head to a shopping mall in the next two weeks — between the inclement weather, to the long lines and swarms of people in stores, it's less stressful to stay indoors and shop at home. And now that Amazon is offering free shipping on so many items, there's basically no reason to leave your house until Christmas.

But when there are so many items that are eligible for free shipping, it can be hard to narrow down which items you want to buy. Luckily, I'm here to help. This Nintendo Switch is the perfect present for any kid (or kid at heart) that you're shopping for. An Instant Pot is a great present for anyone who has resolved to cook more in the new year (or try to eat a bit healthier). And finally, this pair of slippers is the perfect gift for your favorite homebody (or person who appreciates being cozy all the time).

No matter who you are shopping for, the perfect present is out there for them. And thankfully, Amazon is making it easier to shop for those people right up until Christmas. There is no need to stress when all of your presents can be hand delivered to your front door before Christmas — all that you have to do is throw some wrapping paper on the boxes and call it a day.

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