Amazon Prime Day's Hidden Gems: The 101 Best Deals (Up To 70% Off & Ending Soon)

Today's the day: Amazon Prime Day sales are live and will feature killer savings in every category, now through July 17. To save you time, we're sifting through the chaos and hunting down the absolute best deals, from sick new kitchen gadgets, to essential skin care buys, to everything in between. These hidden gems are going for up to 70 percent off, and the deals won't last forever, so scroll on.

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30% Off This Phone Car Mount Holder

No more searching for your phone in the crevices of your car with this convenient adjustable phone mount, which is 30 percent off during Amazon Prime Day.

30% Off This Nail Polish Primer Pack

This nail polish primer pack will keep polish on your nails much longer, and provide a glossy top coat to your favorite color, all for just

67% Off This SharkNinja Blender

This top-of-the-line SharkNinja blender normally would run you about $150 — but during Amazon Prime Day you can get it for just $50.

35% Off This Makeup-Removing Micellar Water

This Bioderma Sensibio H2O micellar water performs multiple functions: it cleanses and removes makeup, leaving your face fresh and flawless.

30% Off This Smudge-Proof Liquid Eyeliner

This smudge-proof, waterproof liquid liner from Stila is a fantastic beauty buy under normal circumstances, and now that it's 30 percent off it's a no brainer.

52% Off This Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

This fruit infuser bottle has a center column you can fill with fruit, and will diffuse fruit flavor into the water around it. During Amazon Prime Day, you can get it for more than 50 percent off.

30% Off This Adult Party Game

To spice up your next get-together, What Do You Meme? is a fun adult card game where you get to match up pictures with funny captions. You can get it for 30 percent off while Amazon Prime Day lasts.

30% Off This Charcoal Exfoliating Sponge

This all-natural charcoal sponge exfoliates dead skin off the surface of your face, and is infused with detoxifying bamboo charcoal powder which further clarifies your skin. Get it for under $10 while Prime Day lasts.

72% Off A Set Of Three Flameless Candles

These flameless candles are a safe way to illuminate your space, and are seriously discounted at 72 percent off.

60% Off This Super Handy Water Filter

This personal water filter is perfect for camping or hiking — and is only $10 if you buy today.

30% Off This Fan-Favorite Setting Powder

This setting powder has hundreds of five-star reviews praising how well it works, and if you have Amazon Prime, you can get it for 30 percent off when you add it to your cart.

18% Off This Nonstick Egg Poacher

This heavy-duty egg poacher is a kitchen essential that you can get on sale during Amazon Prime Day for $20.

30% Off This Fisher-Price Jumperoo

This Fisher-Price Jumperoo is beloved by children and parents alike, and is a seriously amazing deal at just $73.

30% Off These Hypoallergenic Makeup Remover Pads

These hypoallergenic and fragrance-free makeup remover pads work like a charm to clear away stubborn makeup. Bonus: first-time customers get an extra 30 percent off.

37% Off A Lightweight Stroller

This lightweight stroller is durable, has anti-shock wheels, and is a total steal at 37 percent off.

69% Off This 16-Pack Of Korean Face Masks

This combo pack of Korean face masks comes with 16 unique face masks, each packed with collagen and vitamin E to revitalize and reenergize your skin. With over 4.5 stars on Amazon and 3,000 reviews, you can feel good about this purchase. You can get 16 masks for less than $10 if you act fast.

40% Off These Nail And Cuticle Scissors

17% Off A Dyson Vacuum

Whether you have carpet or hardwood, this Dyson upright vacuum has HEPA filtration and is currently 17 percent off.

67% Off This 23andMe DNA Test

This at-home DNA testing kit gives you everything you need to begin the process of uncovering your ancestry. Simply provide a saliva sample and send it back. Six weeks later, you'll have results. While Amazon Prime Day lasts, this is a whopping 67 percent off.

20% Off This Durable Hoverboard

This hoverboard was designed for any terrain you encounter, is made with self-balancing technology, has a bluetooth speaker in it, and is 20 percent off during Prime Day.

30% Off This Brightening Vitamin C Serum

Brighten and smooth your skin with this refreshing Vitamin C serum for 30 percent off.

32% Off This Cooling Memory Foam And Gel Pillow

This pillow combines the supportive comfort of memory foam with a layer of temperature-regulating gel to keep your head cool all night long. Score it now for 32 percent off.

13% Off A Professional-Quality Hot Styling Brush

With two heat settings and ionic technology to control frizz and bring on major shine, this one-inch hot air brush is one you need in your hair styling kit — and it's 13 percent off.

30% Off This Dermatologist-Recommended Mineral Sunscreen

Highly recommended by dermatologists, this mineral sunscreen has SPF 50 sunscreen for extra UVA-UVB protection when you're out in the hot sun. And, during Amazon Prime Day, you can get it for an additional 30 percent off.

30% Off This Hair Dryer With Thousands Of Reviews

Two thousand reviewers can't be wrong about this Conair blow dryer and attachments, which is discounted 30 percent.

45% Off This Jersey Short-Sleeve Dress

On those hot and warm days when you don't know what to wear, make life simple by pulling on this comfortable jersey short-sleeve dress, which is up to 50 percent off.

57% Off A Mini Food Processor

This portable mini food processor has a stainless steel blade that chops and grinds through any ingredient, and it's on sale for 57 percent off.

31% This Vegetable Steamer And Rice Cooker

Consider this the vegetable steamer you need to do everything from cook rice to steam veggies and meat, to boil up to 16 eggs at once — and it's 31 percent off.

44% Off Of This Powerful Air Fryer

This air fryer can cook nearly 2 pounds of french fries with up to 75 percent less oil than a traditional fryer. If you hurry, you can get it for a massive 44 percent off while Amazon Prime Day lasts.

35% Off Moscow Mule Mugs

This set of four hammered copper Moscow mule mugs have a stainless steel lining, are amazing with chilled drinks, and are now 35 percent off.

31% Off This Memory Foam Mattress Topper

This memory foam mattress topper will help you get a better night's sleep, protect the life of your mattress, and is discounted 31 percent.

20% Off This Cotton Swaddle For Newborns

Perfect for newborns, this swaddle is made of 100-percent cotton, and can adjust three different ways to accommodate your child's favorite sleeping position. And during Amazon Prime Day, you can get it for an extra 20 percent off.

25% Off This Cult-Favorite Mascara

As this lash-building mascara proves, you don't have to be a big-name brand to gain cult favorite status. This mascara can pump up your lashes 300 percent — and it's 25 percent off.

22% Off This Large Lighted Makeup Mirror

This trifold lighted makeup mirror has 3X, 5X, and 10X magnification and is now 22 percent off.

20% Off On A 43-Inch Smart TV

Get access to more than 4,000 streaming channels on this 1080p smart LED TV, which is 20 percent off.

30% Off A 12-Piece Nonstick Bakeware Set

From cookies and cupcakes to the perfect roast chicken, there's nothing you can't bake in this 12-piece bakeware set, which is 30 percent off.

25% Off An Organic Face & Body Cream

This organic skin cream is made with soothing manuka honey and aloe vera to hydrate and nourish your body, and is now 25 percent off.

33% Off A Comfortable Mattress Topper

This four-inch pillow top mattress topper makes any mattress more comfortable, thanks to cooling gel memory foam. It's being offered at 33 percent off.

58% Off Noise Cancelling Headphones

These noise-cancelling headphones can be used to listen to music and take phone calls — and they're on sale for 58 percent off.

31% Off A Two-Pack Of WiFi Smart Plugs

For a high-tech living experience, pick up these WiFi-enabled smart plugs that allow you to control your outlets from your phone. During Amazon Prime Day, they're 31 percent off.

26% Off This Robot Vacuum

Use an app or Alexa or Google Home voice controls to set this robot vacuum into action — and get one today for 26 percent off.

36% Off This Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Instead of waiting hours (and days) for your cold brew coffee to be ready, this cold brew coffee maker gets the job done in minutes and makes up to 16 servings. It's on sale for 36 percent off.

49% Off This Standing Desk Mat

This standing desk mat features an ergonomic design that lends more support to your back and legs, and is a whopping 49 percent off.

28% Off On A Touch Screen Laptop

Not only is the Acer Spin 1 laptop top of the line, it's also available for under $250, at 28 percent off.

25% Off This Fan-Favorite Facial Spray

30% Off This Tablet Stand

This sturdy tablet holder, which is made from metal and silicone, and fits a variety of tablets, and is currently being offered at 30 percent off.

51% Off A Stand Mixer

With more than 15 attachments, a sturdy base, and a pouring shield, this stand mixer will help you whip up a variety of recipes — and it's 51 percent off.

40% Off These Colorful Socks That Have Built-In Arch Support

These Under Armour no-show socks are a great buy you can wear everyday. They feature extra arch support to protect your feet even if you're stuck standing all day long.

50% Off An Amazon Fire TV Stick

This Amazon Fire TV Stick yields over 200 channels (including Netflix and Amazon Prime Television), and is being offered at 50 percent off.

20% Off This Air Purifier With HEPA Filter

This air purifier, which has a HEPA filter that captures 99.7 percent of air pollutants like dust, mold, and pet dander, is available for 20 percent off (with coupon).

46% Off This Epilator For Simple Hair Removal

Remove unwanted hair in the shower or even when your skin is dry and you're on the go — this rechargeable wet/dry epilator comes with six accessories and is 46 percent off.

30% Off This Micellar Cleanser & Makeup Remover

Remove makeup, cleanse, and tone with this unique 3-in-1 solution. And get an extra 30% off for first-time customers.

64% Off This Cuisinart Casserole Dish

This Cuisinart casserole dish is high-quality, built-to-last, and on sale for 64 percent off.

30% Off This Flat Iron

With wet/dry capabilities and 30 temperature settings, and high-quality titanium plates this hair straightener is an absolute must, at 30 percent off during Prime Day.

30% Off This Cleansing Brush For Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin types can get a deep pore-cleansing treatment with this gentle facial cleansing brush, which is on sale for 30 percent off.

30% Off This Precision Poacher

This precision poacher from Breville has six powerful heat settings, perfect for poaching, boiling, and scrambling and it's 30 percent off during Amazon Prime Day.

15% Off This Single-Cup Coffee Maker

36% Off Crest Teeth Whitening Strips

Whiten and brighten your teeth with this dental whitening kit, which consists of strips you wear comfortably over your teeth. The kit is now 36 percent off.

39% Off This Battery Powered Toothbrush

This rechargeable battery powered toothbrush, which has an automatic timer and is on sale for over 35 perfect off.

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40% Off On Mineral Hand Cream

This mineral hand cream hydrates hands and keeps your skin soft and healthy — all at 40 percent off.

46% Off This Set Of Plush Farm Puppets

Your baby will love these super soft farm puppets by Melissa & Doug. And at only 11 bucks, play time just got a lot more fun.

28% Off This At-Home Foot Spa & Bath

This at-home foot bath is a no-brainer if you like great savings and a relaxing spa-quality experience. It's 28 percent off during Amazon Prime Day.

25% Off A NutriBullet Blender/Mixer System

Healthy juices and smoothies are just a few buttons away with this powerful 600-watt NutriBullet blender and mixer system, which comes with several attachments and is 25 percent off.

30% Off A Wet-Dry Vacuum

Vacuum and wash your floors at the same time with this wet-dry vacuum, which is 30 percent off.

40% Off This Essential Lip Scrub

Pucker up with this deeply moisturizing lip scrub, which you can get for 40 percent off for Prime Day.

50% Off This Water Flosser For Healthy Teeth And Gums

Floss your teeth using nothing more than water — this water flosser features 10 pressure settings and is offered at 50 percent off.

56% Off This Stainless Steel Garlic Press

This stainless steel garlic press is a quality kitchen gadget you'll be glad you have, especially since it's 56 percent off.

30% Off This Skin-Smoothing Shaving Cream For Men

Protect against nicks and cuts with this amazing scented shaving cream for men. Plus, get an extra 30% off for first-time customers.

27% Off This Portable Booster Seat

At a 27 percent discount, this portable booster seat is a total steal that you can take with you anywhere, from the beach, to the park, to a backyard barbecue.

50% Off This Electric Skillet

This electric skillet can cook your food 30 percent faster than standard skillets, and you can get it for just $20.

35% Off This Smart Phone Printer

With this high-tech smart phone printer, you can print polaroids from your smart phone — and at 35 percent off it's a total steal.

34% Off This Professional-Quality Selfie Stick

With this lightweight selfie stick and bluetooth remote, you can take flawless photos every time. And, at 34 percent off for Prime Day, you can save a little money as well.

19% Off On This Gel Memory Foam Pillow

At just under 20 percent off, this cooling pillow is made of memory foam, and is reversible, making it ultra-versatile.

31% Off This DIY Slime Kit

If you've never played with slime you are seriously missing out. And while Prime Day lasts, you can get this DIY kit to make your own slime for 31 percent off.

30% Off This Vichy 3-In-1 Cleanser

This cleanser serves three functions: it cleanses, removes make up, and serves as a toner. At 30 percent off during Amazon Prime Day, this cleanser is beauty buy you won't regret.

62% Off This Suspension Multi-Plier

This suspension multi-plier is the kind of tool you'll wish you had around in a bind. With 12 integrated components to help you tackle any job, this multi-plier might just make a handy man out of you. You can get it for 62 percent off while Amazon Prime Day lasts.

25% Off These High-Waisted Workout Leggings

58% Off This Lighting Car Charger

This three-foot lightning car charger is a must for anyone on the go — and it's 58 percent off during Amazon Prime Day.

30% Off This White Noise Sound Machine

With six sound options ranging from summer night to thunder, this white noise sound machine will help lull you to sleep, and is discounted 30 percent. If that doesn't convince you, it also has over 8,000 reviews praising how well it works as a sleep remedy.

45% Off This Himalayan Salt Lamp

This soothing and calming lamp is made from salt crystals from the Himalayan Mountains, and provides an ambient glow that will warm up your space. And, with over 11,000 Amazon reviews and a 45 percent discount, this lamp is a slam-dunk purchase.

20% Off This Portable Canopy For Your Child's Playard

With nearly 3,000 reviews on Amazon, this canopy is a great addition to any outdoor excursion. You can easily snap it onto any playpen to protect your child from harmful UV rays and painful sunburns. During Amazon Prime Day, you can get it for 20 percent off.

51% Off These Noise-Cancelling Headphones

These wireless, noise-cancelling headphones from Sony have 35 hours of battery life, have a built-in microphone for hands-free calling, and are 51 percent discounted during Amazon Prime

65% Off These Stainless Steel Straws With 3,000 Reviews

Can't get much get much better than this: a set of fan-favorite stainless steel straws and cleaning brush for only $7.

62% Off This Professional Knife Set

This durable, high-quality knife set normally costs over $200, but can be purchased for just $80 during Amazon Prime Day.

37% Off These Set Of Wooden Shapes And Blocks

This set of wooden shapes and blocks is the perfect toy for children of all ages to practice solving puzzles, and flex their minds. And, during Amazon Prime Day it's 37 percent off.

70% Off This Patagonia Fleece Jacket

This fleece jacket is warm, high-quality, and a whopping 70 percent off during Amazon Prime Day.

30% Off This Calvin Klein Bralette

This cotton bralette is so comfortable you won't even feel like you're wearing anything at all — and it's on sale for 30 percent off.

Available Sizes: XS-3X

20% Off This Dog Camera

This dog camera has two-way chat that lets you communicate with your pup, can toss treats out to your pooch, and is 20 percent off.

35% On A Double Belgian Waffle Maker

Save time and whip up incredible batches of Belgian waffles with this waffle maker that makes two waffles at one time and is 35 percent off.

49% Off These Cult-Favorite Dental Chews For Dogs

This cult-favorite dental chew for dogs has nearly a perfect five-star rating with over 8,000 reviews. This value pack gives you 130 dental chews, and because they come in a wide variety of sizes for dogs from 5 pounds to 100 pounds in size, you'll be able to find the perfect size for your dog. And during Amazon Prime Day, you can get them for 49 percent off.

36% Off These Magnetic Wooden Letters

With over 1,000 reviews, this set of magnetic letters will inspire the wordsmith in your child to engage with language in new sensory ways. During Amazon Prime Day, you can get it for 36 percent off.

30% Off On This 15-Piece Set Of Pots & Pans

At 30 percent off, this 15-piece set of nonstick pans and pots is a complete steal that has anything you'd need to prepare a meal big or small.

39% Off This Single Serve Keurig

This single serve Keurig coffee maker can brew coffee, lattes or cappuccinos, and can be yours for 39 percent off.

20% Off This Multipurpose Kitchen Mat Featured On Shark Tank

Made from BPA-free silicone, this heat-resistant pad was featured on Shark Tank and can be used as a place mat, trivet, jar opener, and more. You'll get two pads in each order at 20 percent off.

30% Off This At-Home Root Cover Up

For an easy touch-up between salon visits, this Color Wow root cover up has 1,500 glowing reviews on Amazon saying that it works wonders on grey roots, or faded color. And, because it's available in eight different colors, from black to platinum blonde, you'll be sure to find a shade that matches your hair color.

33% Off This Adorable Fisher-Price Baby Gym

Watch your baby's face light up with this deluxe gym by Fisher-Price, including 10 toys and activities and a removable toucan. This gym has a glowing 4.5 stars on Amazon, and is 33 percent off during Amazon Prime Day.

39% Off This Pet Deshedding Brush

This deshedding brush will remove all that extra hair on your favorite furry friend easily, and is available for nearly 40 percent off during Amazon Prime Day.

30% Off This Eyelash Conditioner

Apply this eyelash conditioner once-a-day to clean eyelashes and they'll start to grow longer and more luscious. At 30 percent off during Amazon Prime Day, this award-winning formula is a steal.

30% Off This Handheld Heated Massager

This handheld heated massager is lightweight, portable, yet features deep kneading nodes that will get into the tightest muscles and loosen and relax them with heat and pressure. While Prime Day lasts, you can get them for 30 percent off.

24% Off This Super Fun Cherry Pitter

Who says kitchen tools can't be fun and functional? This adorable cherry pitter will brighten up your kitchen while making your life easier, and is 24 percent off during Prime Day.

30% Off This Soft Pick-Stitched Blanket

30% Off This Set Of Three Swaddling Blankets

This set of swaddling blankets are made of premium cotton muslin so they get softer every time you wash them During Amazon Prime Day, you can snag the set for 30 percent off.

21% Off This Cooling Headband

Not only does this headband absorb cool water to keep you refreshed on a hot day, but at only $11, it's a total steal.

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