Amazon Will Now Deliver Packages Right To Your Car & It Could Be A Game-Changer For New Parents

Ever since the whole drone delivery craze, it's been clear that Amazon is not afraid to mess with the way humans buy and receive goods. And the corporation is still coming up with new ideas — as of Tuesday, Amazon can now deliver packages to parked cars, thanks to a new program called Amazon Key In-Car.

The new program is an extension of Amazon Key, which Amazon rolled out in October 2017. Amazon Key allows Amazon couriers to deliver packages inside a house when tenants are not home by giving them temporary access to unlock the door using smart lock technology. Amazon Key In-Car will work pretty similarly, as noted in a press release shared by Amazon on Business Wire.

To use the service, customers can download the Amazon Key app, and then connect their Amazon account to their car service account. At checkout, simply select Amazon Key In-Car Delivery. When your package is en route, Amazon will notify you of the package's expected delivery window, so you can make sure your car is parked outside in a public area, within two blocks of a delivery address you are required to provide. When the delivery driver arrives at your car, they are able to use their phone to temporarily unlock your car or trunk via OnStar technology. After placing the package inside, Amazon will re-lock your car, and notify you that the package is safely inside your locked car.

The service is currently available to Amazon Prime customers in 37 select cities for no extra charge — as long as they have a compatible car. Users must have a: "2015 or newer Chevrolet, Buick, GMC or Cadillac vehicle with an active OnStar account, and customers with a 2015 or newer Volvo vehicle with an active Volvo On Call account," as per the press release. All of those car brands are owned by General Motors, except for Volvo, which has partnered with General Motors on multiple occasions.

You can check if your car and city are compatible with the In-Car service by clicking here. If your search yields disappointing results, fear not — Amazon plans to roll the service out to more cities and for more cars in the future.

To test the In-Car Delivery, Amazon let a few customers give the service a try in advance, some of whom shared their experience in a video for Amazon. One mom who participated in the trial explained how it was beneficial for a home with young kids.

"I'm a really busy stay-at-home mom. I have a 1-year-old and a 3-year-old," she told the camera, adding that she places a lot of orders with Amazon. "[A delivery] happened today of course, during nap time," she explained. "The dogs didn't wake up my kids, the kids took their nap, everything was really great," she added, before opening her trunk to reveal a box of diapers and several other Amazon packages inside. Any parent knows how disastrous the ring of a doorbell during nap time can be — especially when there are dogs in the house — so this new program could definitely be of service to new parents.

Additionally, the service could be a good option for those who do not have a doorman or doorwoman at their building to accept packages, for those afraid of packages being stolen from their doorstep, and for customers who do not have access to Amazon Lockers, which allow customers to pick up packages from lockers at various pick-up points.

No matter how people feel about Amazon Key In-Car, there's no doubt that Amazon will continue to roll out innovative delivery methods.

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