10 Things From Amazon's Hottest Holiday Toys List That Your Kid 100% Wants

by Kristina Johnson
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Believe it or not, the holidays are right around the corner. Gift shopping season will be in full swing in just a couple months time, but you can get a jump on it now with the Amazon Top 100 holiday toy list.

Amazon's list is filled with all the toys that are likely to be at the very top of your kid's wish list this year. It's got something for every age group and interest, from educational STEM toys to gorgeous dolls and engaging electronics. No matter what your kid is into, chances are you'll find it.

Personally, I find that starting my shopping early in the fall makes my December way less stressful. But one bit of advice — take careful note of where you hide the presents if you shop this early, because every year I end up wracking my brain to remember where I shoved a certain package. It's a risk I'm willing to take, however, to make sure the toys my kids want don't end up sold out.

The 10 toys below are just a sampling of the cool stuff you can peruse on the Amazon Top 100 list, and they're all likely to be a huge hit with kids this holiday season.


Journey Girls

If the prices of American Girl dolls are a hard pass for you, meet the Journey Girls. These Amazon exclusive dolls are 18 inches tall, and each comes with a stylish outfit. There are eight different dolls to choose from, each with its own name and personality.


Harry Potter LEGO

Next stop, Hogwarts. This Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire LEGO set lets your child recreate the wizarding school's clock tower. Magic wand not included, unfortunately, so they may need some help putting all 922 pieces together.



You might not love digging little crumbs of Play-Doh out of your rug, but you'll definitely appreciate the hours of fun your kiddo will have playing with this colorful stuff. This 36-pack is especially perfect if you're looking for a quick stocking stuffer to split up among multiple kids. At just $25, it's a great deal.


Coding Robot

This awesome little robot can teach your kid to code. Once they input simple codes, Artie 3000 will follow the commands to draw pictures. It's designed for kids ages 7 and up.


Star Wars Figures

Another Star Wars flick hits theaters at the end of the year, making movie tie-in toys a great holiday gift. This mini Millennium Falcon has an adorable Han Solo at the helm. There's a good chance you might find it on the holiday wish lists of some of the adults you're buying presents for, too.


Pretend Oven

Who doesn't love pizza? You'll be so pretend stuffed after your kid serves you up slice after slice from this adorable wooden play set. It comes complete with toppings, a pizza box for delivery, and even a cheese shaker.


Electronic Game

This handheld gaming system puts an educational spin on screen time. It comes with 12 different games that engage your kiddo's math and literacy skills. It's also an mp3 player, so you can load it up with some kid friendly tunes as well.


L.O.L. Surprise! Doll

This cute doll is like getting 21 gifts in one, since she comes with 20 little surprise accessories (expect things like shoes, a purse, and a hairbrush). And don't toss the box once the doll's out. It turns into a cute play closet and wardrobe.


Chemistry Set

Future scientists will love conducting colorful chemistry experiments with this Crayola set. It comes with instructions for 50 different activities. All the components are safe and nontoxic, and the set is appropriate for kids ages 7 and up.


Baby Ball Pit

Younger babies can be tough to shop for around the holidays, in my opinion, because they haven't yet fully developed their personalities and interests. I suspect most babies would have a blast in this super adorable turtle ball pit, though. It comes with 60 balls in six bright colors, which you can zip inside to keep them from getting lost once your little one is done playing in it.

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