American Girl dolls at hospital in NYC in hospital gowns and wheelchair
Courtesy Anne Vorrasi

Yes, Your Doll Can Get A Real Check-Up At The American Girl Hospital

Plenty of people have become more conscious about health and wellness in recent years, and now it looks like some iconic dolls are all about living that healthy life, too. At the new American Girl Doll Hospitals, dolls can get health and wellness checkups right inside the store. By taking part in this interactive play experience, kids can learn about the importance of healthcare in real life as well.

Available at both the New York City and Chicago store locations, the American Girl Doll Hospital experience brings some next-level care to your kid's favorite doll. First, the hospital offers a free doll wellness exam, during which a specially trained "Doll Doctor" will check the pulse, temperature, and reflexes of every patient. Plus, the Doll Hospital offers an interactive play area where the girls themselves can help their dolls perform eye exams, take X-rays, and even get a dental checkup. At the end of each visit, the dolls can get a Certificate of Good Health. All of these services are free to American Girl Doll owners, and they can teach kids about the importance of routine medical checkups by providing these services to these 18-inch keepsakes. Oh, and the dolls can even get placed in a hospital gown and wheeled in for a visit.

Courtesy American Girl

What if your doll needs some actual repair work? The Doll Hospital can help with that, too. During a "wellness visit," the doll can receive skin cleaning and hair brushing services. If you've ever tried to remove stubborn crayon marks from just about anything, then you can definitely see the value of this particular service.

Courtesy Anne Vorrasi

The Doll Hospital also offers "major surgery" services for dolls who need more serious repairs. This could include the reattachment (or replacement) of the doll's head or limbs. Dolls in need of these services can be dropped off in a store or shipped to the Doll Hospital at the American Girl headquarters in Middleton, Wisconsin with a prepaid shipping label from the store's website. Prices vary depending on the severity of repair work needed, but most dolls are returned home in two to four weeks, although December tends to be a busier time for the Doll Hospital, as explained on the American Girl FAQ page. Although these dolls are definitely marketed as a premium product, they're still designed to be playthings for real-life kids. So even if the doll ends up with a missing eyeball, or the dog uses it as a chew toy, there's plenty of ways the Doll Hospital can help make them good as new.

If you are in the New York or Chicago area though, consider bringing your kid and doll by the new in-store American Girl Doll Hospital Experience. It's a cool (and not to mention free) way to play for your child to play with their doll in a new way, and it may also help normalize the experience of healthcare for your kid, too. Hey, if their beloved Rebecca doll is able to get through a dental checkup with no issues, maybe your own kid's next trip to the dentist will be a little easier. In addition to offering repair services, the Doll Hospital can also teach your kid about basic health and wellness practices for dolls that apply to real life as well.