Jump Into Summer With American Girl's New Collection (Tiny Marshmallow Sticks!)

I remember spending long hours whiling away in my childhood living room perusing the American Girl catalogue. Samantha, Felicity, and all her friends stared out at me through the glossy pages, and I imagined a world where we all played together, dressed in our early American finery, writing books and sipping tea. Now that I have my own daughter, the catalogues have returned, and so has my fascination. I get to watch my little girl dream the dreams that only the young can conjure, and American Girl is right there for all of it. Now, American Girl's summer collection is proving to be every bit as inspirational, and also tons of fun.

Every season we've come to expect big things from the iconic doll company. Their brand has expanded to include a wide range of dolls representing myriad backgrounds, abilities, and nationalities, each with a stunning line of matching accessories. This summer is no different. There is a veritable feast of entertainment for your little ones, ranging from new stories about travel, a campfire set that features a light-up fire, sticks for your dolls to roast marshmallows and hot dogs, a cozy bench, and a guitar for the musically inclined in the group.

The creators of American Girl's new summer collection went all out on details in true American Girl fashion. Down to the strap on the guitar, nothing has been overlooked. My personal favorite is the char marks and the condiments on the hot dogs. It's not the fake hot dogs we had as kids. No, these are quite the step up. Gone are the flat, bulbous hot dogs of the '80s and '90s, and in their place are these fun, glossy treats already prepared for the imagination of kids who are lucky enough to get the set.

There are more choices than ever for dolls to use with these detailed accessories. Along with their classic historical dolls that children have grown to love over generations, American Girl has a fully customizable line of dolls, ensuring that no matter how your child sees themselves, they can feel as though they are represented in the doll they choose. You can even get braces, wheelchairs, and hearing aids. Let me tell you, as the deaf mother of a hard-of-hearing child, the ability to give my baby a doll that embraces her difference, and celebrates it as something completely ordinary, is a true gift.

The travel guide that is available in the American Girl's new summer collection is a standout. It features a dynamic, multicultural, multiracial family navigating the sometimes harrowing feat of traveling as a family. The spirited narrator offers advice for everything from having to deal with strangers in tight quarters, to what you should do if your family is getting on your nerves. One of the best tips is that you should assign a "decision maker" for each day. The decision maker will choose things not set in stone, like what museum you should attend, or what you should get for dinner. Because the person rotates, everyone gets to decide. It's pretty genius, actually.

American Girl is really bringing it this season with their books and cool accessories. It is all really high quality and built to last. These dolls will likely be something that your daughter passes on to their child, and so on. The accessories are built similarly. These are top-of-the-line toys, and the price tag reflects that, but they are worth every penny, and they're unlike anything else out there when you factor in the creativity and quality of everything. There is just nothing like American Girl.