Amy Duggar's 1-month update on baby Dax is the cutest.
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Amy Duggar Is Every Sentimental New Mom With Baby Daxton's 1-Month Milestone Photo

In this era of social media, new parents are obsessed with posting monthly updates of their babies. These typically include a photo of the little one on a special blanket — or with a sign/sticker/chalkboard marking how many months old they are — along with information about recent developmental breakthroughs. And not even celebs can stop themselves from getting in on this cute baby fun. Take new mom Amy Duggar, who recently celebrated her son's new milestone with a sweet tribute on Instagram that included a pun and a crocheted costume.

As a refresher, the spunky and infinitely more mainstream Counting On cousin recently welcomed her first child with her husband, Dillon King. Amy delivered a baby boy — whom they named Daxton — in early October, according to Entertainment Tonight. Which means their little guy is somehow already 1 month old.

To mark the big milestone, Amy took to Instagram to share a photo of baby Dax with her followers on Nov. 10. "Mommy & Daddy deer-ly love you!!" the proud mama captioned a photo of her baby boy, who was fittingly dressed in a crocheted deer outfit, complete with antlers on a hat and a crocheted deer stuffed animal. Awwww!

It's a perfectly punny post, in my opinion. And Amy's followers seem to dig it as well. One Instagram user with a similar sense of humor commented, "That photo is worth a million bucks!!!"

Another follower declared, "Oh my! One month already????"

"Good Lord babe," her husband Dillon commented, presumably in reference to his wife's caption. To which Amy replied, "haha!" along with a kissy-face and a laugh-crying emoji. (C'mon Dillon; it's time to embrace the dad jokes.)

For the record, I wouldn't expect the ridiculously adorable outfits and corny jokes to stop anytime soon. On Oct. 31, Amy shared a photo of Dax swaddled in a blanket while wearing an orange, white, and yellow crocheted hat and surrounded in candy corn. "I've never really loved candy corn until now!" she captioned the professional photo. "Mama's heart is melting over that sweet smile!!"

Amy similarly chronicled her pregnancy, as well. In July, Amy and Dillon embarked on a baby-moon to a beach in Florida, People reported. The mom-to-be posted a photo of herself almost completely buried in the sand at a beach — all except for her head and bump, that is. "Beach bum(p,)" Amy captioned the photo.

As extra and upbeat as Amy's baby updates have been, the new mom has also shared more real snippets of new motherhood. Like when she posted a candid shot of herself breastfeeding Dax while falling asleep on the couch. "Pretty poses, makeup and photoshoots are great but it's not real. Life isn't perfect and I don't want the people who follow me to think that!" she captioned the Instagram post. "So this is the real me, in real time living my best life! Hot tea in hand, ice water leaned up against me, half dressed and completely worn out! Mom thanks for the snapshot of me catching some Z's!"

So yeah, I'm totally here for Amy Duggar's baby updates — elaborated posed or not. The new mom is clearly having a blast getting creative — and with the most adorable outfits, to boot — when it comes to marking baby Dax's milestones. And I can't wait to see what she thinks up for his 2-month photo!