Amy Duggar Had A Dinner Date With A Giant Pizza (Oh Yeah, & Her Mom)

As the weeks continue to count down until her due date, Amy Duggar is keeping her Instagram followers updated with details of her pregnancy. Recently, this included photos of a meal the mom-to-be shared via social media. And just a heads-up: If you're hungry, these images will only make you even hungrier. Because Amy Duggar had a dinner date with a giant pizza — and pregnant or not, you just might start having cravings for it too.

In case you lost track, the cousin of Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar's 19 children is expecting her first child. It was in April that Amy and her husband Dillon King announced the pregnancy, according to Us Weekly. Now, Amy — who is due in October — is currently 33 weeks along with a baby boy, whom they're naming Daxton, In Touch Weekly reported.

Recently, Amy took to Instagram to share some serious food porn with her followers. "Mama loves her white pie and loved my dinner date with mom too!" Amy captioned photos of herself posing with a giant, white pizza and of a scrumptious-looking dessert. "Found my fav new pizza place about 15 min away! Uhhh ohhh ... and for dessert was the lemon mascarpone ice cake ... I've only gained 26lbs so far in this pregnancy but now I'm in trouble!"

Amy's Instagram followers were practically drooling over her post. One Instagram user commented, "Girl enjoy those cravings!." to which Amy responded, "Girrll you know I will!"

Another follower commented, "I’m 28 weeks and don’t understand why the world can’t be made of cake. It’s legit the only thing I want to eat. That looks delish."

This isn't the first time Amy Duggar — who is currently 33 weeks pregnant with her first child — has opened up about her pregnancy cravings. At 26 weeks along, the mom-to-be captioned a bump photo with all of the foods she was dying to eat at the time. "Ok I want like a garden salad with like good- good ranch, and cucumbers, a slice of french toast with IHOP strawberry syrup, chocolate chex cereal with sliced banana, throw in some fettuccine alfredo, grapes and crunchy cheetos too!"

Back in May, the mom-to-be shared a photo of her shopping cart filled with an assortment of healthy food options. "I love eating healthy! Luckily this baby loves salad, fruits & veggies!" Any captioned the shot. "I can't get enough cereal with sliced banana either with the occasional icecream cone and Milkway midnight miniature candy bars thrown in the mix!!"

Amy and Dillon also dished about the first trimester of pregnancy during an interview with People Now earlier this month, Because although Amy dealt with morning sickness and food aversions, it turns out was always up for eating two things in particular. “I was sick until week 17, and I only wanted Hot Pockets and mashed potatoes,” Amy said, explaining Dillon would make special trips to the store just for her. (Like any good partner would, in my opinion.)

“I would fix a whole meal, and she would take like one bite and she’d be like ‘No, that’s not good. That’s going to make me sick. I’ll take a Hot Pocket,’” Dillon added.

Although I can't relate to what it's like to grow up as a Duggar, I can most certainly relate to Amy's oddly specific pregnancy cravings. Because sometimes, mama just needs a giant pizza and some lemon cake.