Amy Duggar Opens Up About Her "Intense" Early Contractions Ahead Of Son's Birth

Fans of the Duggar family are probably aware that the clan's spunky cousin, Amy, is expecting a baby boy in October. She's currently in the final stretch of her pregnancy, with updates coming in frequently (this makes sense if you think about it — those last few weeks can seem like an eternity). As for her latest update? It appears Amy Duggar's early labor contractions sent her to the hospital, according to a recent social media update. Thankfully, all is well with Amy and her baby-to-be.

On Sunday, Sept. 22, Amy shared a more serious Instagram post compared to the quirky, lighthearted updates her followers are used to. That's because the expecting mama started having painful contractions over the weekend, and was rushed to the hospital, according to In Touch Weekly. "I went to the hospital and they told me I was having early labor contractions and whoaa buddy they were intense but I'm not yet dilated!" the mom-to-be wrote on Instagram. "So I just have to breathe, rest and let my body do the rest."

As nerve-wracking as this must have been for Amy, rest assured: Baby King is "textbook perfect." Amy added, "PS: checking for dilation hurts. Hurts freaking bad and I seriously should write a book about the real stuff that happens during pregnancy. I promise I wouldn't sugar coat a thing!!"

To be honest, I would pick up a book written by Amy Duggar in a heartbeat.

In the comments section, the mom-to-be also shared that her due date is Oct. 9, which means Amy still has a little over two weeks to go. That is, if her early labor contractions subside.

Following Amy's harrowing experience, her fans chimed in to offer words of support. One person commented, "October 9th is so close yet so far for contractions! Hoping for a safe a quick delivery for you."

Another Instagram user wrote, "The whole labour and delivery and everything in btwn hurts, but as soon as you got baby boy in your arms. All that pain never happened and don’t matter! You got this momma."

Others shared their own experiences with the pain — or lack thereof — regarding dilation checks. One Instagram user commented, "Checking for dilation is the worst!!!!! I cried every time with my second, until I got an epidural."

Another person wrote, "You should definitely get an epidural then!" along with crying emojis.

Yet another Instagram user commented, "Maybe I'm weird, but I don't recall mine hurting at all. It was like when they check you during a pap test. It felt weird, but didn't really hurt."

Amy and Dillon King announced the pregnancy back in April, according to Us Weekly. This baby news came just ahead of a massive "baby boom" in the Duggar family. Case in point: Lauren Duggar, Kendra Duggar, Anna Duggar, and Abbie Duggar are all expecting babies in late 2019 or early 2020. It was in July that Kings revealed they're expecting a baby boy, whom they plan to name Daxton.

Hopefully, Amy's little guy stays put for a couple more weeks and her contractions stop completely for the time being if they haven't already. Because as excited as the Kings and their fans are to meet baby Daxton, the closer to Amy's due date he arrives, the better.