Amy Duggar's New Welcome Mat Is Perfect For Parents With Newborns

If you've ever lived with a newborn, then you know all too well how difficult it can be to coax a brand new baby to fall — and stay — asleep. And how incredibly frustrating it is when the doorbell rings, waking up wake your overly-tired, cranky baby. It might make you want to cry right along with that no-longer-sleeping, tiny human, which is why Amy Duggar's new welcome mat is perfect for parents with newborns.

The Duggar cousin and her husband, Dillon King, welcomed their first child on Oct. 9, according to People. Since baby Daxton's arrival, Amy has kept her Instagram followers updated on her sweet son and new motherhood, with the help of adorable photos and all-too-relatable anecdotes. And on Sunday, Nov. 17, the new mom took to Instagram to share the fitting welcome mat that now sits outside her front door.

"Shhh ... Daxton's sleeping," the brown mat reads. "He's either sleeping, [pooping,] or eating!" Amy captioned the post, except using the poop emoji in place of the word.

Amy's Instagram followers were enamored with her quirky and genius solution to getting people to think twice before ringing her doorbell. And they simply had to know where she got it. One follower commented, "Where is this from. It is a must have for all new moms." Another Instagram user wrote, "Stop it...where did you get that?!" alongside a heart-eyed emoji. Amy did eventually share that she purchased this gem from Shut the Front Door Doormats on Etsy.

In case you're inspired and are now in the market for a rug to avoid your baby being awakened by the doorbell, I found another option that gets the message across without the personalization aspect. "You wake 'em, you take 'em. (You should probably knock)" another welcome mat reads. Seems fair to me...

After all, parents work hard to establish a sleep and nap routine for their babies. And while some newborns are able to sleep through older siblings stomping and yelling around the house, or a doorbell in the middle of their morning nap, others are light sleepers. Which can make for some pretty grumpy parents, too.

So just in case you weren't already aware: Never ring the doorbell if you know the family has a newborn. Text them ahead, or when you arrive, so they can let you in without waking the baby. But for the UPS guy or the little girls selling Girl Scout cookies? It probably wouldn't hurt to put up a sign or invest in a door mat similar to the one Amy Duggar has.