Amy Schumer won't be posting photos of her son, Gene, on Instagram anymore.
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Don't Expect To See New Photos Of Amy Schumer's Son Anytime Soon

One of the cool things about following celebrities on Instagram is the sneak peek many of them offer into their personal lives — photos of their breakfast, random musings, and if they're parents, adorable shots of their kids. Amy Schumer has been providing regular updates on both her pregnancy and first shot at motherhood ever since announcing she was expecting in Oct. 2018. However, Amy Schumer is done posting photos of baby Gene. And her reasoning is solid.

As a refresher, Schumer and her husband Chris Fischer welcomed their first child in May, People reported — a baby boy they named Gene Attell Fischer. The new mom didn't waste any time delving into the "glory" of motherhood. One of the first photos she posted to Instagram was of herself sitting on the toilet in her postpartum recovery room, with her sister-in-law holding baby Gene in the foreground. Not long after that, Schumer shared a shot of herself rocking a pair of mesh hospital underwear while pushing her newborn in a stroller. And who could forget the photo of the comedian pumping breastmilk? In fact, she even has a documentary about her pregnancy in the works called Expecting Amy.

My point is Amy Schumer hasn't been one to shy away from the realities of motherhood. So if her fans read the funny mom's most recent Instagram post carefully, then they're probably pretty bummed about now. Because it looks like Schumer's Instagram is about to get a major downgrade in cuteness.

At first glance, Schumer's post on Oct. 31 elicits a knee-jerk, "Awwww." That's because it features a carousel of baby Gene dressed as an old man — reading a newspaper in the main image, and then propped up on a couch with a mustache pacifier. If you look a little closer, however, you'll catch the bombshell.

"We are going to teach him to read the news," Schumer captioned the Instagram post. "I’m not gonna post him anymore. But wanted to use this opportunity to tell the women of Missouri that we send them strength and tell Randall Williams that we are watching and so is history and he looks like he needs better nutrition and less crack." #happyhalloween#wewillmonitorourownperiodsthanks#tatiissia

Whew! That's a lot to unpack for few seriously adorable baby-dressed-as-an-old-man photos. For starters, Amy Schumer will not be sharing any more photos of Gene — and some followers seem to hope this part isn't true. One person commented, "So freakin cute! Don’t stop posting him. We need more love and happiness in the world!!!!"

Another person wrote, "U should post him every day," along with a heart emoji.

Other's were more understanding. One Instagram user commented, "Good call on 'not posting him anymore.'"

Another Instagram user commented, "Totally understand why. Thanks for posting this nugget of perfection!"

Schumer also used this post to bring attention to the state of Missouri's Department of Health and Senior Services tracking of women’s periods. The department has apparently been keeping a spreadsheet of information — including their menstrual cycles,, medical ID numbers, dates of procedures, and gestational ages of fetuses — from women who've had an abortion at a Planned Parenthood in St. Louis, according to the Kansas City Star. The tracking was created in an attempt to find "failed abortions" in order to prevent the department from renewing the clinic's license. (Yeah. It's seriously that effed up.)

Whether or not Amy Schumer ultimately decides to stick with not posting photo of baby Gene, I respect her decision. But that doesn't mean I won't miss seeing his sweet face on Instagram. And I certainly don't have to be happy about it.