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Amy Schumer's Photo Of Her Taking A Glucose Screening Is Giving Moms Flashbacks

Ask any mom, and she's likely to have a vivid memory of her glucose screening — you know, the one that tests for the possibility of gestational diabetes. For the screening, moms-to-be typically have to drink some sort of sugary concoction and then get a finger prick an hour later to determine if their blood sugar levels are within a normal range. It's a pretty straightforward test. But let's just say the taste of the sugary drink leaves much to be desired. And Amy Schumer's photo of herself taking a glucose screening test is giving moms unpleasant flashbacks.

On Wednesday, Jan. 30, Schumer took to Instagram to give her followers a pregnancy update. Alongside a photo of herself drinking a bottle of orange-colored liquid, the actress wrote, "Fingers crossed sisters." The stand-up comedian's fans who are mothers knew exactly what was going down. Still, the harmless image elicited some pretty intense reactions. One mom commented, "Oh god I’m gagging just from seeing it. Stay strong Amy 😘."

Another Instagram user wrote, "Oh god. just the sight of this made me throw up in my mouth. better you than me mama."

Yet another person chimed in with, "Oh goodness. I hate the taste of any orange drink now because of this. I wish you luck. #thethingswedoformotherhood 💜."

The personal anecdotes only got worse from there. One Instagram user shared, "The worst day of my pregnancy, bar none. The nurse came in after I drank it and goes, 'why are you crying?' 😂."

Another fellow mom wrote, "A girl in my pregnancy class threw it all up on the floor, and then one by one, we all lost it too. Big orange mess. Love you!"

Clearly, the sugary drink doesn't always settle well in the stomachs of pregnant women. Add to the fact that Schumer has been struggling with hyperemesis gravidarum — or extreme nausea and vomiting during pregnancy — and I'm just hoping she was able to keep it all down for that whole hour. Because according to BabyCenter, vomiting the liquid would mean Schumer would have to re-take the test a different day. (And no one wants to do that.)

Don't hate me for this if you're a fellow mom, but I've only actually had to drink the gross orange drink one time out of my four pregnancies — when I was pregnant with my first child. By the time I was pregnant with baby number two, we had moved, and my new OB-GYN office instructed me to either eat a bag of Skittles before my test or a specific chocolate bar. (I went for the chocolate.) For my last two kiddos, I was given a small bottle of Welch's grape juice to drink before the test. And let me just say: Chocolate or grape juice trumps nasty orange drink any day.

Hopefully, Schumer's glucose screening went well enough, and her numbers checked out OK. Because if they didn't, unfortunately she would have to take the dreaded three-hour glucose tolerance test. Which — you guessed it — involves drinking even more of the infamous sugary drink and more blood testing. Oh the joys of growing a human being. I've got my fingers crossed for you, Amy!