Amy Schumer's 'Sea Turtle Births' Sketch Will Have You LOL-ing

by Casey Suglia

Amy Schumer is hilarious and one of the funniest comedians of our modern generation. Schumer is so abashedly proud about being a woman which means poking a little fun at what it means to be a woman. Part of being a woman is discussing birthing methods and Amy Schumer gets it. This is why Amy Schumer's "Sea Turtle Births" sketch will have you dying of laughter. Because she gets it.

On her most recent episode titled "Psychopath Test," on her Comedy Central TV show, Inside Amy Schumer, which aired Thursday night, Schumer makes some pretty interesting social commentary. Through her sketches, Schumer comments on sitcoms and perky commercials. But in the fourth sketch of the night Amy makes some commentary on pregnant moms and their more unique methods of birthing.

In the sketch, four soon-to-be moms (including Schumer, sporting a fake belly bump) sit around in a circle. The moms, who are so excited they got pregnant at the same time, start talking about how natural they want their births to be. Then it gets a little eccentric.

One mom mentions how she is having a water birth but instead of water having the birth in "gender neutral barley." "My midwife suggested a sea turtle birth," another said. "It is when you give birth on a beach and kick sand on the baby and see if it crawls into the ocean or into your arms. Its better for the baby," she said.

The moms to be continue on with listing ridiculous things they will do in birth — like shoving a bunch of rose petals up their vagina or putting the baby in a heroin balloon to make it bilingual — and ending those statements with "because its better for the baby." Because every pregnant mom knows that every decision expectant moms make during pregnancy and delivery is due impart because it is "better for the baby."

When one mother says that she is going to just go to the hospital for her birth and do what the doctors tell her to, the rest of the moms go into shock, which ensues some pretty crazy antics you'll have to see for yourself. The sea turtle bit is available to watch on the Inside Amy Schumer Facebook page but the full clip from the episode is available to watch on Comedy Central's website.

But even though this clip sounds a little shame-y, it adds a lighthearted tone to an often serious discussion. While decisions made that are "best for the baby" get seem a little eclectic or eccentric at times, everyone is different and entitled to their own birthing method. Including a plain 'ole hospital birth.