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Amy Schumer Is Literally Every Pregnant Woman In Her New Year’s Photo

I think most people would agree that Amy Schumer has been a breath of fresh air when it comes to bringing awareness to the not-so-glamorous side of pregnancy. Although the funny actress has remained open about her ongoing battle with pregnancy-related nausea and vomiting — because she suffers from a severe form of it called hyperemesis gravidarum — the I Feel Pretty star has kept it real about other common issues expecting moms face, too. And honestly? Amy Schumer's sister tying her shoes is every pregnant woman who can no longer bend over.

On Tuesday, Jan. 1, Schumer took to Instagram to welcome the new year with a message of positivity — and one relatable AF photo — for her followers. "Happy new year to the women in my life and yours," the standup comedian captioned a shot of her younger sister, Kim Caramele, helping Schumer out with her untied shoes. "What would we be without our friends? Nothin. Here is my sister tying my dumb shoe. Women, we are amazing and our love for each other is so deep. Let’s continue to link arms this year and move forward. All of us. ❤️"

The expecting mom's followers seemed to love her message of female solidarity — and many could totally relate to her current pregnancy plight. One Instagram user advised, "Pregnancy pro tip: flip flops. You’re welcome 😘."

A fellow mom-to-be commented, "🤣😂 already there myself I also have my older boys or hubby help with putting my socks on haha."

Another Instagram follower wrote, "Pregnancy took a huge toll on me mentally, emotionally, and physically, I have never been the same since. Every time you post about your challenges, I am reminded of how strong I really am to have endured what I went through on my own. ❤️ Love you Amy, you're doing a great job."

Despite Schumer's ongoing struggles with debilitating nausea and vomiting — which she revealed in November with an Instagram photo of herself hooked up to an IV at a hospital, according to Today — it seems as if she still choosing to be optimistic about 2019. (Which is pretty darn impressive, if you ask me.) Need further proof? On Monday, Dec. 31, she shared a candid Instagram photo of herself with a huge smile on her face writing, "Laughing into 2019 like. Photo cred is my main squeeze."

Those who follow Schumer on the 'gram know all too well many of her recent pregnancy-related posts have referenced — or literally shown — the actor vomiting. But it seems like her bodily woes may be turning around. Or maybe it's just the constipation that's finally subsiding. "I have felt like I have food poisoning for 5 months but yesterday my body gave me the gift of pooping," Schumer shared with her Instagram followers ahead of the new year, according to HuffPost. "The kind you want to take a picture of and send to your sister. So you do and she asks you to please not do that and for all that I am grateful. Happy Sunday guys. I hope you take a really good poop today!"

OMG, the struggle is real, guys. Especially during those early months, it felt having a bowel movement warranted some sort of celebration or a parade, or something. (In reality, though, I just texted my husband the update and flushed the toilet with a sense of true accomplishment.)

Chances are, Amy Schumer is still coping with hyperemisis gravidarum — which totally sucks. But hey, at least she's finally able to poop and has plenty of support in the shoe-tying department, right? I'm totally in awe of this bad*ss mom-to-be for continuing to find the humor and the silver linings in pregnancy, despite having such a miserable experience in the "morning sickness" department. May 2019 bring significantly less barf and even more regular bowel movements to all the expecting mamas out there!

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