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Amy Schumer's Video About Putting On Socks While Pregnant Is Spot-On

Amy Schumer is no stranger to keeping it real, and that goes for her pregnancy, too. The funny actress has been open about everything — from her ongoing struggle with hyperemesis gravidarum, to her misshapen belly button, to how crappy it is to be pregnant at the same time as Meghan Markle. Her most recent Instagram post is no exception. Because Amy Schumer's video about putting on socks while pregnant is spot-on.

Anyone who has grown tiny human inside of them can tell you, there comes a certain point during pregnancy when putting on socks and/or shoes becomes basically impossible. Not only can you not even see your feet. But the level of contortion — and creativity — it takes to coax them into some sort of covering is ridiculous. And guys, Amy Schumer is definitely there.

On Wednesday, March 27, Schumer — who is expecting her first child with husband Chris Fischer — took to Instagram to share an all-too-relatable "how to" post with her followers. It featured a video of a heavily-pregnant Schumer sitting on her bed while demonstrating how she manages to put on her socks. "If you're pregnant — like I am," Schumer begins, rubbing her belly for emphasis, "and you want to put your socks on, it's easy. First, the left foot. OK, a little discomfort. But, not really a problem."

She continues:

And then the right foot. You just — it's easy — you put your toe in... and then you try it from behind. You hook your toe, and then you just kind of slowly will the sock up your foot. And that's pregnant.


In case you're wondering, Schumer's hilarious tutorial was a hit with her followers. One Instagram user wrote, "I was wearing compression socks to work at the end of my pregnancy. I needed an actual second person to help get them on and off."

Another person commented, "That was my husband’s job from 30 weeks on." (Same.)

Yet another Instagram user chimed in with, "And that’s why I wore Uggs at the end of both pregnancies."

A fellow expecting mom commented, "Yessss girl this couldn’t be more true. 31 weeks pregnant over here and the struggle is real! My vote for next video is shaving legs."

If you think Schumer putting on socks while pregnant is completely relatable, then you definitely need to check out her Netflix special, Growing. Because as the title suggest, many of her jokes are about pregnancy. "The best part about it is not getting your period," she declares at one point during the hour-long special, according to USA Today. "That’s the silver uterine lining if you want to look for one."

In addition to her sock woes, the mom-to-be has also made it a point to remain transparent about her ongoing struggle with hyperemesis gravidarm, as InStyle reported. Case in point: Schumer has posted more than one Instagram video of herself throwing up, according to People. (Don't watch the video, below, if you have a weak stomach.)

Seriously, though. No one adequately warns you how difficult simple tasks become when you have a burgeoning third-trimester bump getting in the way. From putting on socks, to shaving your legs, to just wiping yourself after using the toilet — it's a constant struggle. The good news? Amy Schumer's due date isn't too far away at this point, as Cosmopolitan noted. Hang in there, mama!