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Anna Faris & Chris Pratt's Son Has Some Hilarious Thoughts On His Parents' Fame

Having famous parents must be confusing for young kids. Cameras are constantly in your face, paparazzi are following you around, and people are constantly going gaga for your mom and dad. But as for Anna Faris and Chris Pratt's son Jack? Well, the 6-year-old has some truly hilarious thoughts about his parents being in the spotlight, as the actress recently shared with People, and it's probably not the reaction you might expect.

Faris told People that at 6 years old, Jack is keenly aware that both she and Pratt are famous, but he's not overly enthused by their star status. And while some celeb parents might enjoy their kids not being star struck, the Mom star joked to People it's "annoying" that her son doesn't get she's a celebrity and really successful and all that good stuff.

"I think for Jack, I think he'd had such an awareness of both his parents being in Hollywood and sort of that he's not impressed, which is annoying," she jokingly told People. Faris didn't say how Pratt — she and the actor divorced in 2018, according to Entertainment Tonight — feels about Jack's blasé attitude toward their fame in the interview, but one can guess that he'd have some comical comments about it.

Despite having some very famous parents, Jack is really just like any other kid his age. In fact, Faris told People he's in a phase where "he loves making traps" and while she finds herself falling for his tricks often, she told the magazine she's enjoying this stage of her son's development at 6 years old.

While Jack is very much aware that his mom and dad are famous, Faris makes an effort to keep things normal at home. The podcast host previously told INSIDER that while working on Mom, she tries to be home for a "family meal" every night and also admitted that it can be difficult with her workload to balance fame and motherhood.

"I'm lucky that with my job on Mom, I get home at a relatively sane hour, so I just always want to prioritize that family meal," she told INSIDER in 2018. "It just feels like the one thing that we can really carve out and make sure that we have that time together."

This isn't the first time Faris has addressed her son Jack's lax attitude toward fame. For instance, while speaking with HuffPost in 2016, the actress recalled an incident in which she was picking up her son from preschool, and there were paparazzi outside. Fortunately, Jack wasn't bothered by the cameras outside, according to Faris' interview with HuffPost, and he actually handled it like a champ. As she told HuffPost, "The other day, I was picking him up from his preschool, and there was some paparazzi. That doesn't happen very often. When Chris is around and in town it's different, but Jack waved at them and said, 'Cheese!'"

Faris and Pratt — now co-parenting after a split, according to ABC News — are clearly doing a stellar job raising their son. Jack is happy and healthy, he keeps his parents grounded, and that's all any of us can really ask for with our kids, right?