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Anna Faris Talked Co-Parenting After Divorce From Chris Pratt

Divorce is never an easy situation, especially when there are kids involved. And, as charmed as their lives may seem, the situation is no different for celebrities. Over the weekend, Anna Faris opened up about co-parenting with Chris Pratt on her podcast and revealed that they do the best job they can.

The couple divorced in 2017 after eight years of marriage, according to Fox News, and now they share custody of their son, Jack. On Unqualified, her podcast about relationships, Faris finally opened up about how things are working out between the two and, in the process, spoke about the toll of divorce.

"Chris and I work really hard 'cause we have Jack, that is sort of the long game idea and making sure Jack is really happy, which makes us really happy," she said, per Us Weekly. "We have sort of the luxury of circumstance. You know, we are both in other loving relationships. … But It’s like, how do you not in general sink into a place of bitterness?"

Since the divorce, which was finalized in October of 2018, according to ET Online, Faris has been dating cinematographer Michael Bennet and Pratt has been dating Katherine Schwarzenegger. The two couples even got together to take Jack trick-or-treating on Halloween, the outlet reported.

But Faris revealed that even for the friendliest of couples nothing about a breakup is fun. "I do want to reiterate though, that I f*ck*ng acknowledge, we all do, everyone acknowledges, that there’s bitterness and pain with all breakups and that hopefully makes us more human," she added on the podcast, per ET Online. "But the long game, and it’s just the worst being the bigger person. It just is. It f*ck*ng sucks! Until then, what [matters most] is that everyone's happy."

And the two have found a way to be happy individually yet also collectively for the sake of their son, Entertainment Weekly reported. Faris has a book also named Unqualified which was in early release just as the separation was announced. EW also noted that, in the forward, Pratt praised his then-wife’s parenting:

She is fierce and very loyal, she rarely punishes people. But when she does, it’s powerful and terrifying, and when it’s over, it’s really over. (Power and terror are acceptable in a partner but absolutely necessary in a mother, as far as I’m concerned). And she does mother very well, both our son, Jack, and me, when needed.

For her part, Faris wrote about how she leaned on Pratt as a rock when Jack was born prematurely and with medical complications. She described how close she felt to Pratt even as they faced the terrifying prospect that their son might have developmental delays, and that the situation helped cement their commitment to raising Jack well, EW reported.

During the podcast, Faris also spoke about how she keeps romance alive by utilizing her professional skills. She revealed that she likes to use wigs and characters to keep things spicy because otherwise, "I am not a great lover. I’m very lazy," she quipped, according to Us Weekly.

Celebrities, they really are just like us.

It’s good to hear the pair have managed to find an equilibrium that works in raising their child together. In these situations that’s the best thing that can be hoped for.

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