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Anton Is Gone From 'Love Island' But His Instagram Is Forever

Love Island USA experienced its biggest shakeup thus far on the Aug. 1 episode. Newcomer Emily took Kelsey's man, Weston, and rather than lead anyone else on, Kelsey chose to leave Fiji. This was a bold move that led to two men being dumped from the island. Kyra chose to couple up with Jered, so that meant Anton and Eric were out. Now that he's gone, many fans (like myself) might be in search of Anton's Instagram account in hopes of getting to know him better.

Anton was perhaps not as direct as new islanders need to be on Week 4. Before his date with Caro, he said, "since day one she's been the girl I've been after and I really haven't had like a chance to... really connect with her. So, I'm excited to like talk to her one-on-one without the rest of the people watching... and just really get to know her."

Caro was of course happily coupled up with Ray, but after they went kayaking she told Anton that the distance between them worried her. Why? Because she lives in Los Angeles, and Ray lives in New Jersey. Caro also expressed interest in Anton, saying, "you do make me a little bit nervous" and claiming that he was so much her type that she'd been waiting for a guy that looked like him to walk into the villa.

Perhaps Anton led with the wrong step first because he told Caro, "I really want you to meet my mom." Dude, on Love Island you have to just lean in and see if she wants the kiss. In the end, Caro's connection with Ray was just stronger than her spark with Anton. All we have left is Anton's Instagram account to learn about who he really is.

He's A Model

The fact that Anton models isn't a surprise to anyone. But he uses posts of his work to promote positive thinking. I'm all about telling the negativity in my head to "shut the f*ck up," as the caption for this shirtless headshot reads.

He Loves His Mom

Viewers got a glimpse of how much Anton loves his mom on his date with Caro, but it's not just talk — there is proof on Instagram, too. I can't confirm where she lives right now, but it's not in LA and Anton's not shy about letting his followers know when he misses her. You can tell a lot about a guy from how he treats his mom. I think the Love Island ladies let go of a catch.

He'd Get Down On Taco Tuesday

Tacos are one path to my heart, so I love that I found a post dedicated to tacos on his account. It was for meatless Monday, but would totally work on a Tuesday (or any day.) I'm not sure of his diet right now but at one point he went vegan, so he's also health-conscious and he cooks. Win, win.

He's Often At The Gym

Anton is a personal trainer according to his Instagram account, so it's no surprise he's at the gym often. Above is just a weight-lifting display, but he also posts motivational videos about how important it is to move, even if you walk to buy a cheat meal.

Anton's Instagram proves that he has so many layers the ladies missed out on. He uses it to share so many aspects of his life with his followers. I got insight on his mindset, his work life, his family and friends and even his diet. You can't ask for much more from a social media account.