April Fool's Day GIFs From People Who Don't Want To Be Fooled


Let's be honest: April Fool's Day is the absolute worst. Sure, there are some jokes that might cause a little chuckle, and it's fun to read obviously-fake, The Onion-esque headlines for a bit of a laugh. But mostly, April Fool's Day jokes tend to fall into one of two categories: lame and flat-out offensive. Jokes that actually scare people, or that embarrass people, or that make light of actual realities in others' lives that are legitimately painful (oh hey, everyone who made a fake pregnancy announcement today!). Sure, it's meant to be all in good fun, but if you're also the type who loathes April Fool's, then you'll probably appreciate these totally on-point April Fool's Day memes from people who hate pranks (fellow curmudgeons, unite!).

There are, naturally, some recurring themes amongst the anti-April Fool's Day memes circulating today — the general apprehension, the way you end up suspicious about basically everything, the fact that the rest of the world's widespread love of pranking makes you hate all the things (no, just me?). But the good news is that, not only have these memes and gifs have made it easier to spread the message that April Fool's Day is a living nightmare with just a click of a button, they've also provided some very useful tips for making it through the most annoying day of the year.

Always Be Vigilant

If there's one thing you need to remember if you hate April Fool's Day, it's that you have to be ready for misery at any given time. Question everything!

Trust No One

Sincere and honest humans of the world, take note: people are out to get you today. So the next time your co-worker offers you a donut, consider that it's probably filled with mayo. And always, always, check the toilet seat for plastic wrap.

Don't Indulge The Pranksters

Everyone knows the payoff of an April Fool's Day joke is the person's reaction, and sometimes that means feeling obligated to laugh to show that you're in on the joke. But this year I say keep your scowl. Their betrayal does not deserve your laughter!

Take A Stand

In fact, why not go one step further and let people know how much their jokes totally suck? Quit your lying, Internet.

But Don't Lose Your Cool

The success of any April Fool's Day prank relies on the sneak attack. This is understandably anxiety-inducing. But the key is to never let your guard down. Remember: pranksters can smell fear.

Question Everything

Even the little things. Your partner offers to make you coffee in the morning? No thanks, trickster! Your boss gives you a new assignment at work? Not falling for that one, bro! Sure, you might be wrong and end up looking totally paranoid, but at least you won't be caught in an April Fool's joke.

Never Apologize

Maybe there are people out there who think they can fool you, but you know what? You're better than that. It might be a totally unnecessarily stressful day of uselessness, but you can endure. At least until noon, which is when pranks don't count anymore, right?

April Fool's Day might be a strangely beloved yearly custom, but there's no shame in hating it. And hey, if all else fails, then you can always just stay home and hide until April 2. Works every time.