Are Alec Baldwin & Dan Marino Friends? Amazon's Super Bowl Commercial Wants You To Think So — VIDEO

Alec Baldwin's circle of friends runs pretty deep, from New York Times' columnist Maureen Dowd, to Saturday Night Live producer Lorne Michaels, to badass funny lady Tina Fey. But does his social circle extend to athletes? After seeing the latest installments of Amazon.com's Super Bowl 50 commercials, many may wonder are Alec Baldwin and Dan Marino friends, or just playing them on TV.

As of yet, neither the Emmy-winning actor nor former Miami Dolphins' quarterback have declared their BFF status on social media, or even just an F status. But for people that are oddly invested in this duo, all hope isn't lost. The two shared some playful exchanges on social media, which could make people think that a Baldwin-Marino friendship is in the future. On Jan. 28, Baldwin sent Marino a Tweet inviting him to a game day brainstorm at his place. That same day, Marino responded saying he couldn't wait, and also asked about cheerleaders. Though this was most likely a teaser for the commercial's debut (after all, both tweets included the hashtags #BaldwinBowl and #ad), it's nice to think that the two formed a bond behind the camera. Or, you know, got paid enough to fake it.

In the ads, which are being used to promote the Amazon Echo, viewers see the Emmy-winning actor and former Miami Dolphins' quarterback planning a Super Bowl party. Oh, wait, I'm sorry — the #BaldwinBowl Party. The two share some light banter, argue over whether cheerleaders need to be included in the celebrations, and ultimately decide on

In the first commercial, Baldwin and Marino put their party planning skills to work (with the help of the new Amazon Echo of course.)

In the second commercial viewers see Baldwin working on a model building, aptly named Baldwin Stadium, when Marino asks about the snacks. (You gotta love a man that prioritizes food above all else.) When Baldwin unveils the illusive snack stadium, all Marino can say is, "holy sh*t."

Wondering what's inside the snack stadium? Well, you'll probably have to wait till Super Bowl Sunday to find out. But based on the third Amazon.com commercial, I'm betting there is some serious brie action going on, and if so, I want an invite to the #BaldwinBowl STAT!