Angela & Michael From '90 Day Fiance' May No Longer Be Together

If a friend has ever called you "brave and stupid," you may be making a rash decision. That doesn't matter to Angela, though, who traveled 7,000 miles to meet the love of her life, Michael as shown on 90 Day Fiancé. So, are Angela and Michael from 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days still together? Unfortunately, there's no evidence online that Angela and Michael are still together. But there's also no evidence that they've broken up because both are pretty quiet on social media.

It seems that they both only have Facebook profiles which makes sense given that's how they met. But their interactions on the social media site are a little confusing. Michael commented on one of Angela's photos (his name on Facebook is Kehinde Ilesanmi) from late July, but her reply was interesting. Michael asked her to send her photos (presumably from her New York trip), but Angela commented back, "Michael get off my [page]." On another one of Angela's photos from late June, Michael commented "Haha lovely" complete with kissy emojis. Angela replied, "Haha nothing."

I don't mean to be over-analytical but I'm getting pretty weird vibes off of this. I'm not sure if Angela is just playing around or what, but she doesn't sound like someone who is still in love. Then again, maybe she just doesn't want to spoil their relationship on the show. After all, these comments indicate that Michael wasn't unfriended or blocked (as of then, anyway), so why would Angela keep him around if they had broken up? Or maybe TLC producers want them to remain friends on the platform to avoid suspicion...and yet, here I am, suspecting anyway.

From Angela's 90 Day Fiancé promo, though, it's clear that she had fallen for Michael before they met in person. As Angela tells it, Michael messaged her on Facebook and it took off from there. At first, both lied about their ages: Angela said she was 50 when she is 52 while Michael said he was 40 when he is 30. "I just felt so much love for him," Angela said. They talked, she estimated, 20 to 30 times a day. On the show, Angela appears ready to risk it all and hop on a 20-hour plane right to meet Michael and propose, while her family and friends remain doubtful. One of her friends says, "I think she's being brave and stupid." One of her daughters also expresses her worries about Michael.

And Michael himself seems pretty excited to be in America. He says he wants to be there to achieve his dreams. And apparently he's a fan of Donald Trump — Angela brings him a MAGA hat, a Trump 2016 t-shirt, and a bobblehead of the president (naturally). Despite Michael's excitement to be in America, the final clip in the promo makes me question if Angela will bring him back. She's seen telling the crew to wrap it up, and says Michael made her look like a "f*cking fool."

So as of right now, it's up in the air whether Angela actually proposed to Michael and they are still together. Their social media presence is questionable, for one. And the end of the Season 2 promo could be teasing their break-up. For now, though, this is all only speculation. Fans will see for themselves whether Angela and Michael's relationship is the real deal when the 7,000 mile difference disappears.