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Are Any 'Married At First Sight' Couples Still Together? A Few Contestants Have Made It Work


Every season, Married at First Sight pairs up three couples and sends them down the aisle, then follows their lives for the eight weeks that follow to see if they're really suited to each other. They can choose to remain married or get divorced when that time period is up. But what is the success rate for a situation like this? Could it really work? Are any Married at First Sight couples still together?

A few have remained together over the years, but the ratio is somewhat skewed. There have been six seasons featuring three couples each, but out of those eighteen pairs only four are still together now. Season 7 is still ongoing, so it's impossible to determine whether or not those couples are going to stick it out for the long haul; they haven't even made their final decision yet. But even that's not a clear indication of the ultimate outcome, because there have been many couples who chose to stay married but ended up divorcing anyway.

In Season 2, Jaclyn, Jessica, and their respective Ryans decided to stay hitched but later split; the same was true for Season 3's Vanessa and Tres, as well as Season 4's Sonia and Nick and Lillian and Tom. In Season 5 Danielle and Cody wanted to stay together but separated, as did Sheila and Nate. Jaclyn and Ryan in Season 6 came to the same conclusion.

But a few of the couples have managed to make it work, and here they are: the Married at First Sight couples that are still together.

Jamie & Doug

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Though Jamie and Doug did not have an ideal first night together, they started to fall in love over the course of their honeymoon. They stayed together after Season 1 concluded, and have since welcomed a daughter named Grace. They had a spin-off called Married at First Sight: Jamie and Doug Plus One, too.

Cortney & Jason

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Cortney and Jason are another success story from Season 1. Though they had to work on their marriage after the show ended, they told E! News that they felt staying together was the right choice for them. It was a daily process, according to Cortney, who said, "We have survived and will continue to survive and love each other because we make decisions daily to build each other up."

Ashley & Anthony

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It wasn't until Season 5 that Married at First Sight produced another longterm couple. Ashley and Anthony echoed Cortney's statements about working at their marriage all the time, though Ashley also admitted to E! News, "Anything is possible. Although the odds don't look very good, the reward is definitely worth the risk."

Shawniece & Jephte

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Shawniece and Jephte are also together today after making the emotional decision to give it a go at the end of Season 6. They recently announced that Shawniece was pregnant, and they would be welcoming a baby girl soon.

It may be a small number in the greater scheme of things, but these four couples suggest that the unusual circumstances of Married at First Sight can work for some people.