Are 'Any Avengers' In 'Captain Marvel'? You'll See Some Familiar Faces

It's pretty much the most ginormous action movie juggernaut ever, but the universe of the Avengers brand is expanding all the time, with new characters and storylines. So are any of the Avengers in Captain Marvel, Marvel Entertainment's newest release? There are two upcoming Avengers movies to tease, after all.

For the jaded among us, note that Captain Marvel isn't just another explosion-filled story of a hero from another realm battling bad guys on earth. This time, the title role is played by a woman, and that's a first as far as a solo female Marvel heroine — as USA Today reported.

Star Brie Larson (already the owner of a Best Actress Oscar for Room) teared up at the significance of the moment while at the film's premiere, the paper noted, adding that, unlike some past Marvel ventures, the cast and crew on this project were actually fairly diverse.

The film boasts a female director, editor, and writers, USA Today pointed out. The cast also includes Samuel L. Jackson (reprising his Avengers role as Nick Fury), Lashana Lynch, and Djimon Hounsou... and this is an important distinction for a genre that used to be the realm of straight white males, as Vox noted.

And while Marvel seems to be moving forward with the times, fans always like to see a callback to other titles in the so-called "Marvel Universe." According to the website DigitalTrends.com, the new movie is set in the '90s, before Iron Man and the Avengers have come onto the scene.

(And from what plot I could glean from the super-fun trailers, how awesome is it that Larson's character crashes down to earth through the roof of an oh-so-'90s Blockbuster video store? Perfect!)

Along with Jackson reprising his Avengers role here, the film’s cast also includes Hounsou, familiar to Marvel geeks as Guardians of the Galaxy's Korath and Lee Pace as Ronan, as DigitalTrends.com confirmed. The Avengers and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Clark Gregg is another confirmed returnee as Agent Phil Coulson, per IMDb.

According to The Wrap, however, keep in mind that character crossover may be not be super extensive, since Captain Marvel is set in the 1990's and is a separate storyline.

But the site added that, with Avengers 4 hitting the big screen just months after Larson's starring turn, Captain Marvel may pick up where the post-credits scene from Avengers: Infinity War, which left audiences totally hanging.

The Wrap also noted that Cobie Smulders' Maria Hill character, from the original Avengers, may make a cameo in the new movie, with ComicBook.com noting that Smulder and Jackson were seen on set last year. But since the film isn't out yet, it's hard to know for sure. (Plus the role is missing from Smulders' IMDb page.)

For true Marvel aficionados, that may not be enough: They seem to want more tie-ins from one movie to the next.

I don't know any about any of that. As a Marvel amateur; I come to these movies for the fun and leave the hardcore conspiracy theories about the brand — not to mention all the mythology-tracking — for the professional fans.

In the meantime, Captain Marvel looks super-fun, and it's totally thrilling that the character is super-powerful in the universe — and just happens to be female. In fact, the release date coincides with International Women's Day.

Captain Marvel opens in theaters on March 8 and is rated PG-13.