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Arie & Lauren From ‘The Bachelor’ Officially Revealed The Sex Of Their Baby

It's always so exciting to keep up with stars from The Bachelor post show, and former Bachelor, Arie Luyendyk Jr. and fiancé, Lauren Burnham, have been no exception to this. After becoming engaged and announcing they were expecting their child a few months later, people have had so much fun keeping up with their journey. So, of course, people have been dying to know — are Arie and Lauren having a boy or a girl? Thankfully the couple just revealed this information on Friday night.

After the couple shared in November, that they were expecting their first child together, people were super excited for them. But fans were very excited to find out more details about their pregnancy — like when Burnham was due and the sex of their baby. Now, two months later, the couple is finally able to share the sex of their baby and they're having — drumroll, please — a girl!

The couple took to Instagram on Friday night where they shared gorgeous photos of themselves — shot by photographer, Jennifer Perkins at Griffith Imaging — surrounded by the color pink, simultaneously revealing the sex of their child. In each of the photos, Luyendyk Jr. and Burnham are surrounded by pink smoke, blowing pink confetti, and holding a pink balloon.

Make no mistake about it, the couple is expecting a girl and going to have a daughter in their lives by the spring time. How exciting for them!

And the reactions to this news have been perfect.

"Ahhh! One day, she'll be the Bachelorette," one commenter wrote.

"Baby girls are the best!!," another commenter exclaimed. "She'll have you wrapped around her little finger."

But most of the commenters were confused, wondering why the couple chose to reveal the baby's sex ahead of the The Bachelor Season 23 premiere on Monday, Jan. 7. It's understandable why fans of the couple would be confused — especially since Luyendyk Jr. and Burnham revealed on Instagram (through their baby's account one week ago) that they would be letting everyone know the gender during the premiere.

As it turns out, they were supposed to reveal the gender during the premiere of The Bachelor. But just like a rose ceremony on the show, their baby's gender reveal was filled with drama. Burnham told Us Weekly that she did an "early gender reveal" when she was 10 weeks along and it told her she was having a boy. After filming a segment for The Bachelor, an anatomy scan revealed that they were having a girl, according to Us Weekly. Needless to say, Luyendyk Jr. was shocked while Burnham was reportedly "cracking up the whole time." He told the magazine:

I was very quiet. The ultrasound tech says, "Well. I'm about 98 percent." So I still wasn't convinced after the first time we saw it. We went back to the doctor, went back a few other times, and just went back for our anatomy scan. It's a girl!

Although Burnham did say that she is just a little nervous to give birth, she's now more self assure in her skills to be a mom now that she is having a girl. "I'm feeling a lot more confident in being able to be a girl mom first!," she told Us Weekly.

Considering that the couple is getting married in one week from Saturday on Jan. 12, according to People, it must be super refreshing for them to be public with this information. And they could not seem any happier about it.

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