Here's The Latest On 'Teen Mom' Stars Brianna & Danae's Relationship

One of the most compelling young couples on MTV's newest pregnancy series is Brianna and Danae who, though young, appear to be handling their situation with impressive maturity. So are Brianna and Danae still together after Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant? I would love to be able to tell you that love conquers all and that this young couple managed to overcome all the difficulties of their situation. But, from everything I can tell, it doesn't look like that's the case. Sigh.

Brianna and Danae's relationship got a lot of attention at first because Danae is transgender, making him the first transgender person on the show's history. Apparently the couple had been on and off for years, and during one of their "off" periods Brianna got pregnant by another man. When the two got back together, Danae told Brianna he was committed to her and to her baby, and would step up and be the child's father. That's obviously a huge thing to offer to someone, and I totally understand why Brianna appeared to love him as much as she did. In her casting video she explains that Danae's decision to stay with her and be a father proved how much he loved her.

Brianna also said that she loved Danae for who he is, while Danae seemed really eager for fatherhood. He told cameras that he already felt close to the baby, who they named Braeson. Braeson was born with his left forearm missing, which Danae said made him feel connected to him, as they both had things about them that made them "different." In the casting video he said that the baby might not even know it yet, "But I already understand you."

Sadly, it looks like Brianna and Danae are not dating any longer. Looking on Brianna's Facebook account, it looks like she is dating somebody else and she seems very happy with her new boyfriend, though there is no sign of Danae anywhere on her page. However that doesn't mean that Danae is out of the baby's life forever. On the show, Brianna was very firm when she said that Danae would always be the baby's father and his family would always be the baby's family. Even Braeson's name was a play on the first two letters of her name and the last two letters of Danae's.

When asked by Danae's aunt what would happen if she gets attached to the baby and the two of them broke up, pointing out that they are very young, Brianna explained that she already considered Danae's family to be Braeson's family. "This is his family, no matter what," she said, adding, "I consider this my family also." But Danae's family wasn't the only one worried about how things were going to be after baby Braeson was born. Danae was worried that the baby wouldn't love him as much as he did.

On the show Danae fretted to a friend, "I just feel like I’m already in love with this baby… I just want him to feel the attachment that I feel. I think that’s what I’m most nervous about — that he won’t feel that attachment." Danae seems so sweet how could any baby not love him? In any case, though it seems like Danae and Brianna couldn't make their relationship work, I really hope Brianna was sincere when she said that Danae was the baby's father no matter what. Because the little boy could hardly ask for anybody to love him more than Danae already seems to.

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