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Camille Grammer & Teddi Mellencamp Start A Full Blown 'RHOBH' Feud

RHOBH fans were in fairly unilateral agreement that the #Puppygate controversy dragged on for far, far too many episodes, but the good news is Season 9 has finally moved on to fresh drama. Camille and Teddi don't square off face-to-face until the RV trip in the May 7 episode of RHOBH, but fans may be wondering whether Camille Grammer and Teddi Mellencamp are friends now, considering their tumultuous season. Given the tone of Teddi's most recent Bravo blog — and the conspicuous lack of interviews from either of them teasing a make up down the pike — it seems unlikely.

The core issue is that Camille, while behaving cordially to her castmates' faces, goes off behind their backs, making fun of everything from Lisa Vanderpump's teeth to Teddi's big mouth. When Teddi butted into an argument Dorit and Kyle were having at the Boy George concert, it sparked a mini-clash between her and Dorit, who have a history of bad blood. But the pair were able to reconcile pretty efficiently during the course of a single conversation, which should have been the end of it. Camille, however, had more to say.

In a confessional interview, she calls Teddi a "know-it-all" with a "big mouth" for interrupting a fight between two other women. Teddi, who didn't know about the comments until the episode aired, promptly took to her Bravo blog to fire back.

Isabella Vosmikova/Bravo

"Yep, I know that I have a big mouth (thanks, Camille). I also know that Camille would rather open hers to talk badly behind people's backs and then quickly turn around and talk nicely to their face," Teddi wrote following the Apr. 23 episode. "That’s all I know for right now. Because if I truly knew it all, I would have known how Camille actually felt about me and not wasted my time going to her wedding."

Obviously, ~the blogs~ ran with headlines about how Teddi regrets attending Camille's wedding, which probably won't smooth things over between the pair anytime soon. Meanwhile, Teddi calls Camille out during the RV trip for this pesky habit of mocking her fellow Housewives behind their backs.

"You like to talk out of the side of your mouth, but the second you're with somebody to their face, you back down and you have a whole new story to play," Teddi says to Camille in a preview of the episode.

Camille seems taken aback but tries her best to stand her ground, replying, "Well, my face is right here."

Interestingly, Camille and Lisa actually made up on their own via Twitter over Camille's insensitive teeth comments, but Teddi alleges that even that is a performance. In an Apr. 25 interview with Us Weekly, she argues, "It makes sense that they are fine now because it’s convenient." For her part, Camille has avoided saying anything negative about Teddi in the press as of late, but the cat is already out of the bag, given her comments on-camera. It may be awhile before fans see these two make up.