Are Candy Hearts Safe For Pregnant Women?

by Lindsay E. Mack

If you're pregnant when Valentine's Day rolls around, your usual celebrations may need to be curtailed. That glass of wine with dinner is out, and you're unlikely to dine on steak tartare. All of that is expected. But seeing your favorite Valentine's Day candies pop up in stores can leave you feeling wistful. With your current pregnancy diet, you may wonder: are candy hearts safe for pregnant women? Because everyone deserves a taste of this chalky sweet treat at least once a year. (Provided you're into them).

For starters, consider the list of ingredients in a typical box of candy hearts. According to NECCO's website, their Sweethearts are made from "sugar, corn syrup, gelatin, gums, coloring and flavoring." And although you wouldn't want to make a full meal out of these ingredients, it's probably fine in moderation. As noted in Baby Center, most pregnant women's bodies can handle an occasional sugar spike, so a handful of conversation hearts is unlikely to ruin your child for life. You can enjoy those iconic candies and their tiny messages as usual.

However, there is one condition that would cause a pregnant woman to swear off sweets: gestational diabetes. According to the University of California San Francisco Medical Center, women managing gestational diabetes will need to limit their intake of sweets and closely watch their sugar consumption. In this instance, taking a pass on the sweets this year may be a good choice. And as always, you can work with your doctor to determine how much (if any) candy you can enjoy during this time.

Even if you decide to avoid eating the chatty treats this year, you can still enjoy conversation hearts in other ways. There are loads of conversation heart wares on Etsy, from cute polymer clay heart charms to conversation heart drinking glasses. You can still enjoy these sweet treats without eating a single bite. And, if you're more of a cynic about Valentine's Day and all of its confections, read about the honest conversation hearts that say what you really mean. Because sometimes, even moms-to-be need a break from all the sweetness.