Are Capes Safe For Babies To Wear?

Dressing up your baby can be so much fun, especially around Halloween. With so many adorable, fun, and unique costume ideas, deciding on one can be more difficult than giving birth to that baby in the first place. As you're picking out baby's costume, you'll want to keep safety in mind as much as cuteness. Some of the accessories that come with baby costumes may be better left in the box, even if it seems like a crucial piece of the ensemble. For instance, are capes safe for babies to wear? Because even though it comes with the costume, it doesn't mean your baby should wear it.

The cape itself isn't what poses a danger for your little one, it's the way the cape attaches to your baby. According to the website for Keep Your Child Safe, any type of clothing with a drawstring around the neck is a strangulation risk for children. The danger of having those cape strings tied around the baby's neck increases the potential of an accidental strangling. Additionally, the Children's Health Education Center recommended parents snip, cut, or remove any string around the neck of a children's clothing item to prevent injury.

But it's not just that string that can be a potential hazard. The website for Health Canada also pointed out that children should avoid loose fitting clothing items in an effort to stay safe. So that means a floppy cape is not a safe option.

But what if you just can't part with that finishing touch to your baby's costume that is the perfect coordinating cape? There may be a solution. First, cut the strings of the cape off completely, then attach no sew velcro onto the back of the cape. Next, attach the companion side of the velcro to the back of the costume, where you will attach the cape. Make sure to secure the cape completely by making sure the entire thing is attached to the back of the costume.

It may not be the way Superman's cape blows in the wind in the movies, but you'll be keeping your baby as safe as possible.