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Are Christmas & Elena Hooking Up On 'Big Brother 19'? The Two Women Are Getting Closer


This is the summer of the showmance in the Big Brother 19 house. Hooking up with other Houseguests has always been a big part of being on the show, but this summer is taking it to another level with its soap opera-esque love triangles. Since the very first week, Mark and Elena have had a really close relationship, but the problem always seemed to be that Mark was way more into her than Elena was into him, and the root of that problem may be coming to its head. So are Christmas and Elena hooking up on Big Brother 19?

Since Day 1, Christmas and Elena have been super close friends, border-lining on flirty. Elena was much more likely to be seen initiating something with Christmas than with Mark, though to give the guy some credit, he hasn't really commented on it. (Which could also definitely be because, you know, they've only known each other for 24 days.)

Live feed viewers have watched Christmas and Elena getting even closer over the last few days, and it all seemed to culminate in the pair kissing in the HOH room earlier this week. Some eagle-eyed fans have pointed out Christmas was simply taking something out of Elena's mouth, but is that really any less flirty?

Whether or not they're actually hooking up, people have gotten pretty invested in their relationship, quickly naming them #Chrislena. (Everyone knows a 'ship name means the fan love is real.) So have Mark and Elena broken up? It's hard to say if they were even together in the first place. Elena is continuing to spend time with Christmas and Mark, acting flirty towards both of them, and treating them as allies in the game. No one has commented on it either way, so this is all purely speculation.

With Christmas having to temporarily leave the house for surgery this week, only time will tell if it strengthens or weakens her bond with Elena. Regardless of what 'ship wars break out among fans (the #Marlena fandom is still going strong), it's important to remember that these are real people who have the choice to do what they want with whomever they want. Things change rapidly in the Big Brother house, and expecting the unexpected is necessary.

Whatever comes of these showmances (or non-showmances), it's undeniable that this is making for some pretty great TV. After the show, Elena may very well have a career as a telenovela writer waiting for her.