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I Think Clay Will Leave Nicole In Tears On 'Bachelor In Paradise'

It’s been one hot and dramatic summer on Bachelor In Paradise, and fans are one step closer to finding which couples will stay together. One of the most promising relationships this season is that of Clay Harbor and Nicole Lopez-Alvar. The two have great chemistry, and really seem to like each other, but with all the drama they've seen lately, fans can’t help but question if Clay and Nicole are engaged after Bachelor In Paradise.

They haven’t posted details about their current relationship status on social media, so it’s hard to tell where they stand. The Bachelor is great about keeping things secret until the end, so Nicole and Clay's secrecy comes as no surprise. As of now, fans have no choice but to wait until the finale to find out if Clay proposes.

However, some clues do hint at trouble in paradise for the two. Ever since Clay’s ex-girlfriend, Bachelor alumni Angela Amezcua, showed up on the island, he’s been a little distracted. In Episode 10, Clay admits seeing Angela is hindering his ability to move forward with Nicole. “I honestly don’t know what the right thing to do is here,” he says in a confessional. “I think Nicole is amazing, but it’s tough for me now because I know the rest of paradise I’m probably going to be dealing with watching my ex-girlfriend date people. Seeing her right next to me when I’m with my girl, that’s not something I signed up for.”

Later, Clay and Angela hash things out and talk about how they ended things. “I wanted it so bad to work, but I don’t think I was as far along as you were,” he tells Angela, as he presents reasons as to why he broke up with her. “Your goal is to be a wife and a mother, and I appreciate that so much. But for me, what I discovered was, I want more.”

From this conversation alone, it seems like Clay isn’t ready to get married and start a family, so I can’t see him committing to such a quick engagement on Bachelor In Paradise.

The preview for the finale also includes a few wishy-washy words from Clay. In the clip, he mentions needing to have a conversation that’s “gonna be hard but necessary," but it isn’t clear if he’s referring to his own relationship with Nicole, or if he’s giving advice to someone else. After hearing him air out his commitment issues with Angela, I could totally see him having an “I’m not ready” conversation with Nicole. Plus, recently, Nicole shared a cryptic tweet in which she mentions "dating is hard" and a "nightmare," which I don’t think she would have said if she was engaged.

After all that’s transpired in the past few weeks, a happy ending for the Nicole and Clay looks less likely. Fans will have to wait and watch the finale to see how their relationship drama unfolds.

The Bachelor in Paradise Season 6 finale airs Tuesday, Sept. 17 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.