Jamie & Elizabeth Got Off To A Good Start At Least On 'MAFS'

If you're a fan of Lifetime's reality series that pairs up two strangers to get legally married, one of the first questions you probably have is whether the couples made it through the experiment. So, are Elizabeth and Jamie still together after MAFS?

Let's do the opposite of what the couples did and slow down a bit. Elizabeth and Jamie exchange vows on Season 9 Episode 2 of the show, which airs Wednesday June 19 at 9 p.m. ET. I don't know if they are still together or not, and I couldn't find social media accounts for either one of the couple on Instagram or Twitter to help me guess.

So far, all I know is that Elizabeth definitely had some cold feet going into the ceremony. According to preview clips, she's a daddy's girl, and when she sees her dad right before walking down the aisle she says, “It’s just really emotional when I see him because I know how much he loves me and it’s really hard for him to let me go like this, for him to trust another man to take care of me. I didn’t know I was going to be like this for this experience, but I’m excited to meet my husband. Hopefully, I don’t cry in front of him, too.”

Before that point, she had been a cool cucumber about her impending nuptials. Lifetime dubbed her the "free spirit" and him "Mr. Picky" so I was expecting her to go into this experiment feeling fine. But her jitters are totally understandable. If the "opposites attract" theory is true these two are destined for each other, but there are fights to come for the couple according to the Season 9 preview that aired after the premiere.

As for what they want in a partner Elizabeth told People, “I consider myself that ‘fun’ kind of crazy, and I want a husband who is going to accept me for who I am." You really can't go on a show like this and expect to mold someone into the person of your dreams, so I'm hoping that for her too.

It seems like Jamie is very self-aware, so that's a great start. "I am definitely picky!" he admitted in an exclusive for Reality TV World. "When I pictured myself with my ideal mate, she would be vibrant, energetic, lively, and interesting. I'm the type of person who is anything but ordinary and I'm looking for someone similar," he said. So, maybe these two aren't as opposite as I first thought.

In the second half of the interview with Reality TV World, Jamie provided some hints about his future with Elizabeth. First of all, Married At First Sight is not about to have its first runaway bride. "Elizabeth was super nervous coming down the aisle and at the altar, but I still admired her courage and bravery to go through with all of this." He was physically attracted to her and her courage to go through with the union despite nerves was a plus.

Physical chemistry on your wedding day on this show is a rare advantage and Jamie and Elizabeth were lucky enough to find it. But despite all of the kissing I can expect to see on their day, I still can't predict what their future will be. A successful Married At First Sight couple has the patience to learn about and grow with each other.