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Are Elliot & Wren Related On 'Pretty Little Liars'? There's A Lot Of Evidence

In the Season 6 finale of Pretty Little Liars fans were finally given some answers about Alison's sketchy husband, Dr. Elliot Rollins. It turns out he was actually in love with Charlotte (CeCe) and has been working with Mary Drake, this whole time to get revenge. Now they've convinced Alison she's crazy and she committed herself to the Welby State Psychiatric Hospital, giving Elliot and Mary control over her 51 percent share of the Carissimi Group money. Still, this doesn't really answer the question of who is Elliot? And more importantly, is Elliot related to Wren on Pretty Little Liars?

Both Elliot and Wren have British accents, which in other context might not be a big clue, but when it comes to PLL every detail is important. A bigger clue though, is the truth about what happened to Wren in the five year time jump. Although we still haven't received that much information, we did learn from Hanna that two years ago she had an awkward run-in with Melissa in London. While there, Melissa told Hanna that she and Wren had broken up because of Charlotte. Apparently, Charlotte called Wren and they discussed Melissa. It's unknown what Charlotte said about Melissa, but it was enough for him to break-up with her and return to the U.S. to visit Charlotte.

But what does this have to do with Elliot? It's unclear but this does put Wren back in the U.S. with Charlotte and Elliot. Plus, the fact that Wren and Elliot are not only both British but both doctors who work in psychiatric care seems like too much of a coincidence. However, having the same profession doesn't make you related but one fan may have discovered the connection.

According to the screen grab a fan took from Season 2, Mona's doctor at Radley was also named Dr. Rollins. Previously we were told Wren's last name was Kingston but it's totally possible he changed his name and then slipped up at some point and put down his real name.

If Wren is in fact related to Elliot, this may mean that Wren has been playing a bigger role in things just as most fans originally thought. Is it possible Wren really is Uber A? When it comes to Pretty Little Liars it's best to always expect the unexpected and in this case that may mean a surprise appearance from Wren. Let's hope the liars are ready for whatever he may have in store.