Iris & Keith Could Really Go The Distance On 'Married At First Sight'

Iris and Keith are one of the most beautiful couples on the new season of Married at First Sight, and while they seem like a match made in heaven, the first few months of marriage may not be as easy as they expect. It’s still early in the season, but fans want to know what happened with the couple after the show was taped. Are Iris and Keith still together after Married at First Sight?

It’s hard to tell right now, because the couple hasn’t shared any information about their relationship on social media or with the press. I’m sure they’ll keep tight-lipped until this season ends, which is when fans will finally get the whole picture of how they fared in the weeks after their wedding. They seem like a perfect couple so far, but as previous seasons of Married at First Sight have proven, a lot can go wrong when you marry someone in such an unconventional way.

If you aren’t familiar with the premise of the show, here’s a little recap. A panel of expert matchmakers — including a sociologist, psychotherapist, marriage counselor, and Pastor — pairs two strangers by using factors like location, compatibility, values and looks, and then puts them together in a church on their wedding day. Upon meeting each other for the first time, the couple can decide whether or not they want to get married right then and there.

In the first episode of the season, marriage therapist Dr. Viviana Coles talks about why Keith and Iris are the perfect fit. “Iris and Keith could very well go the distance,” she says. “Because they both love to help others, they both have healthy communication skills, and positive family systems that support them. And because Iris has shared with us that she hasn’t had sexual intercourse, it was important for us experts to match her with someone who is kind, patient, and understanding. “

When Keith and Iris met, they were pretty happy with what they saw. In a sneak peek for the new episode, when Keith’s mom ask him how he feels about Iris, he tells her that he’s really happy. “I don’t think I could be happier right now,” he tells his mom. “She turned out to be much more than I expected.” His mom then tells him that Iris is a virgin, which give him a bit of a shock. It’ll be interesting to see how they interact on their wedding night, because in the first episode, when talking to the other women, Iris was pretty clear about her intentions. "Expectations for me for my wedding night is going to be very... 'Nice to meet you. Let’s have a conversation,'" she says. "Again, I don’t wanna have sex.

In a preview for the season, you can gather that Keith and Iris went through with the nuptials, because there are shots of them on a beach and in the ocean, presumably enjoying their honeymoon. But, in the clip, you can also see that the issue of Iris’ virginity comes up again post-wedding. At one point, Keith mentions that sex is “absolutely” a “determining factor” for the future of their marriage.

What the future holds for the couple is still a mystery, so fans will just have to watch through this season of Married at First Sight to find out what happened.

New episodes of Married at First Sight air Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on LIfetime.